San Jose Airport Revamps Security With DVTel IP Video Solution

DVTel Inc. recently announced that Mineta San Jose International Airport has upgraded its security system to a DVTel intelligent Security Operations Center (iSOC), a completely IP-based video surveillance solution.  

ID Consulting Solutions based in Boise, Idaho, designed, installed, and continues to manage and expand this cutting-edge project.

Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC), located in the center of California’s Silicon Valley, is nearing the completion of a comprehensive $1.3 billion modernization program that began in 2007.  The project includes the replacement and upgrade of terminal buildings, jetways and airline gates, ticketing lobbies, baggage handling and security systems and roadways.  The airport’s entire infrastructure, from pipelines to wiring, has been improved or replaced. 

The airport had been using an analog video surveillance solution which was soon to be obsolete.  In the interest of utilizing parts of the system that was still operational, it successfully migrated to the DVTel iSOC platform.  More than 150 existing analog cameras were successfully brought online in less than three days.  

An IP-based solution was the logical way for ID Consulting to design the upgraded system, which includes an access control system from Software House, along with the newly-integrated incumbent Pelco video system.  

“This installation was quite diverse, with multiple integrations, unique system configurations, and a lot of network complexity,” said Randy Dinger, PE, vice president at ID Consulting Solutions.  “We choose DVTel for multiple reasons, but very high on the list was the functionality of the powerful video platform and the attractive, intuitive Graphical User Interface.

“The airport has over 50 client workstations system-wide, with users ranging from a 24/7/365 command and control center to airport management, tenants, and contractors. An intuitive system was crucial to our successful rollout, as well as the ability to configure and manage the user rights and privileges to ensure this system’s primary purpose:  airport security.”

The system was designed with a dedicated IPTV VLAN with head-end equipment and network switches provisioned throughout the site.  All indoor IP cameras are PoE which made for a very clean simplified installation that saved labor and valuable space.  During installation, it was as easy as plugging in the edge device, IP camera or encoder and discovering that device in the system -- then it was up and ready to go.   Privileges are easy to manage so that critical camera positions are not accidentally altered.

In addition to serving the primary mission of airport security, the DVTel iSOC is used to improve overall airport operations efficiency.

“The day before Thanksgiving, we were asked by TSA to provide all security video footage for a specific period that day. We were able to locate and copy that video immediately, and that enabled TSA to analyze its security screening configurations and traffic management and make real-time adjustments to improve passenger experience during the very busy holiday travel period,” said Emily Zimmerman, SJC security operations manager.


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