Israeli Banks Deploy Voice Biometric Technology

PerSay recently announced that it has successfully completed the deployment of its systems in the top three banks in Israel. Bank HaPoalim, Bank Leumi, and Discount Bank have all rolled out secure voice biometric applications to the public.

Applications include PIN reset and PIN-less access to contact centers at Bank Poalim, self-service eBanking password reset and Real-Time Fraudsters Detection at Bank Leumi, and multi-factor authentication for phone based high-risk transactions at Discount Bank.

In an interview broadcasted on national TV, Oren Hertz, Bank HaPoalim’s Contact Center Applications manager, stated that Voice Biometrics is indeed going to be the next big thing in contact center technology.

“Besides the efficiency we gained by eliminating authentication questions, we have significantly improved our service accessibility and customer experience,” he said

“With a monthly voluntary enrollment rate in the hundreds of thousands, there is no longer a question around the ability to deliver the unique values our voice biometrics technology offers to our clients,” saidAlmog Aley-Raz, PerSay’s CEO. “The return on investment, enhanced security, and the significant improvement in customer service has already been validated. The fact that this technology can be applied across all communication channels without significant investment in hardware makes it a very attractive alternative for enterprises looking for multi-factor authentication and effective risk management.”

“This is a remarkable achievement and is a consequence of persistency and focus coupled with a unique multidisciplinary approach that takes into account the diversified stakeholders involved in large-scale voice biometrics deployments,” said Dr. Orna Berry, PerSay board member, former Chief Scientist of Israel and one of the country’s most respected Hi-Tech veterans. “In the next few years we expect this technology to serve most of the population in the industrial and developing countries, accessing remote services and applications over the phone, Internet, as well as mobile devices.”


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