China Theme Park Uses IndigoVision IP Video Solution

As with any large visitor attraction, OCT East, China’s newest resort and theme park, relies heavily on high-quality video surveillance to ensure its staff and visitors are safe and secure. That’s why the resort has invested in IndigoVision’s complete end-to-end IP video technology to deliver its site-wide surveillance.
The first phase of the resort opened in 2007 and now boasts two theme parks, three scenic towns, four resort hotels, two 18-hole golf courses, Hua Xing Temple and Tianlu mansion. The resort located near Shenzhen, covers an impressive 3.5 square miles and represents an investment of $450 million by the OCT Group. IndigoVision’s approved partner China Com designed, installed and commissioned the 360 camera surveillance solution.
“With a resort the size of OCT East it was vitally important that we chose a surveillance system that could easily expand as the development grew,” said Lianbing Deng, OCT East Director. “IndigoVision provided us with a scalable platform to achieve this and one that allowed different departments and agencies to access the video all around the site.”
IndigoVision’s IP video technology is distributed, with no centralized server, allowing cameras, recorders and video management workstations to be located anywhere on the network. Operators using workstations running ‘Control Center’, IndigoVision’s Security Management Software (SMS), are situated throughout the resort.

They use both live and recorded video to ensure the resort is safe, secure and operating correctly. Departments using the surveillance system include security, tourist guides, maintenance and the OCT East management. Uniquely, ‘Control Center’ software is licensed on an unrestricted basis within the cost of IndigoVision hardware, allowing OCT East to deploy any number of video workstations for no more than the cost of the PCs -- a significant saving for the resort.
“The functionality and video quality delivered by IndigoVision’s software is excellent,” Deng said. “It allows our teams to analyze incidents and problems quickly and ensures our response is effective, helping to improve our security and customer service.”
‘Control Center’ provides a range of analytics and tools for post event analysis on recoded video. The thumbnail feature allows 24 hours of video to be searched in a matter of seconds and video can be bookmarked manually or automatically via alarms during an incident, allowing easy retrieval in the future. Evidential quality video can be exported for use by the police.
Different analog cameras, situated at key points around the resort, are connected to IndigoVision 8000 transmitter/receiver modules, which convert and stream the video onto the network. Due to the advanced compression technology deployed in IndigoVision’s system, latency is minimized allowing smooth and complete control over PTZ cameras even across long distances. IndigoVision standalone NVRs located in the main security room record video directly from the network, providing a continuous 15 day archive for all cameras.

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