G4S Helps ICE Make the Best Use of Time And Resources

G4S, a supplier of comprehensive security solutions, has partnered with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to transport removable aliens using specially-fortified 15-passenger vans. By driving aliens in custody to processing centers, or any other number of locations such as court appearances, hospitals or prisons, G4S officers and these vans help ICE free up time and resources that can be put to better use, for example in tracking and apprehension.

“We are proud of the contribution G4S is making to help ICE prioritize their efforts on convicted criminal aliens in cities and counties across the United States,” said Kevin Johnson, G4S vice president of Government Services. “G4S provides transportation and other support services that can help any law enforcement agency be more effective, even in these times of limited resources, while ensuring that security is never compromised.”

At the NSA Show in Anaheim, G4S is using their large booth presence to emphasize the G4S mission to provide a range of private security solutions. It is the company’s objective to supplement Sheriff's and law enforcement agencies around the country by performing non-sworn duties and to help agencies face the need to stretch budget dollars.


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