Crest Electronics' ID Medics Wins 2010 ESX Maximum Impact Award

Crest Electronics’ new ID theft recovery product, ID Medics, has been awarded the 2010 Maximum Impact Award by the Electronic Security Expo in the category of Best Specialized Central Station Service. The ESX Maximum Impact Awards recognize excellence in new and recently introduced products and services based on the ability to positively impact the business of integration and monitoring companies.

ID Medics’ products address America’s fastest growing security issue – ID theft. Both the business and personal plans feature fully-managed, comprehensive ID theft recovery, and help maintain Red Flags Rule and HIPAA compliance. ID Medics offers complete resolution to before ID theft event status. Providing fully-managed recovery means that the customer does not have to do spend many untold hours making calls to creditors or writing letters. The ID Medics recovery advocate does ALL this time-consuming work for you. Competitors' products only "assist" or "help" in a recovery - a far cry from ID Medics' fully-managed ID theft recovery.

The ID Medics' plans can be easily combined with your existing security services to help you expand from providing only physical security of persons and property, to include full breach response and ID theft recovery. ID Medics’ strong product features, combined with the fact that it is a low-cost, value-added product option for your customer base, makes it the perfect way to enhance your services and profitability.

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