10 Smiths Detection X-ray Systems Added to TSA’s Air Cargo Screening Qualified Technology List

The Transportation Security Administration has added 10 Smiths Detection HI-SCAN X-ray systems to its Air Cargo Screening Qualified Technology List, taking the company’s total of approved X-ray solutions to 16 on the list.

Ranging in sizes from large to small including single, dual and multi-view imagers, the screening systems enable air cargo businesses to scan air cargo threats rapidly and accurately.

“We are pleased to have 10 additional X-ray systems included on the TSA’s approved technology list as it will enable us to tailor solutions to specific customer needs with our proven imaging systems,” said Mark Laustra, vice president of homeland security at Smiths Detection. “We are providing an unprecedented combination of cutting-edge technologies, expert training and world class service to air carriers, indirect air carriers and freight forwarders across the country. Our solutions will not only maintain commercial throughput but also will protect the integrity of the shipments themselves, which is absolutely critical.”

Smiths Detection’s new TSA-qualified systems include the following:

Large X-ray systems for screening pallets in use at many airports around the country. Available with a standard or heavy-load conveyor, these systems provide the highest penetration for systems of these sizes.

  • HI-SCAN 180180-2is
  • HI-SCAN 180180
  • HI-SCAN 145180

Medium X-ray systems for screening smaller pallets and large break bulk items. These systems provide maximum performance within a minimal footprint.

  • HI-SCAN 130130T-2is
  • HI-SCAN 100100T-2is
  • HI-SCAN 100100V
  • HI-SCAN 9075

Break-bulk X-ray systems provide best-in-class performance and flexibility.

  • HI-SCAN 7555si
  • HI-SCAN 7555i
  • HI-SCAN 6046si
  • HI-SCAN 6040i
  • HI-SCAN 6040ds

Advanced technology X-ray systems provide dual views of cargo in a single pass. The advanced systems feature best-in-class detection performance.

  • HI-SCAN 10080 EDX-2is
  • HI-SCAN 10080 EDtS
  • HI-SCAN 7555aTiX
  • HI-SCAN 6040aTiX

Smiths Detection’s IONSCAN 500DT explosives trace detector is listed in the approved section of the TSA Air Cargo Screening Technology List.

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