Canadian Shopping Malls Invest In IP Video Surveillance

A number of shopping centers, owned and managed by Ivanhoe Cambridge, are deploying new video surveillance systems using IndigoVision’s complete end-to-end IP video security solution.

Mapleview Shopping Centre, located in Burlington, Ontario, is the latest to undergo the transformation, following on from the successful installation at the company’s Mayfair Mall in Victoria, British Columbia. The new 78-camera system was added as part of a $60 million re-development project that included a 100,000 sq. ft. expansion with 20 new retailers. The surveillance system at Mapleview was designed and installed by IndigoVision’s Approved Partner Quinn Digital in partnership with Hoffman & Company Security Management Consultants Inc.

It was the first-hand experience of IndigoVision’s surveillance technology operating in the Mayfair Mall that helped the company to decide on its surveillance strategy for Mapleview.

“IndigoVision’s technology gives us a flexible and scalable platform for our surveillance needs, allowing the systems to be easily updated as shopping centers expand and develop,” said Santo Polito, propert services manager for Ivanhoe Cambridge. “This in combination with the company’s excellent Partner network in Canada and the experience of seeing the technology successfully installed in Mayfair Mall gave us the confidence to use IndigoVision’s solution.”

The flexibility and scalability of the IndigoVision system derives from its distributed architecture that allows cameras, video management workstations and recorders to be located at any point on the network. Mapleview exploit this capability by having workstations running ‘Control Center’, IndigoVision’s Security Management Software, situated not only in the main security control room but also on two Manager’s desks. A mix of analog fixed and PTZ cameras are connected to IndigoVision’s transmitter modules, which convert the camera feeds to DVD quality digital video for transmission over the network.

“We can add additional cameras and workstations for minimal cost, as the network is already in place. From a property management perspective this has significant benefits,” Polito said. “Where there is no network infrastructure, such as the parking lot at Mapleview, we used a point-to-point wireless bridge to extend coverage. The five cameras installed here allow us to better monitor the parking lot and manage incidents.”

IndigoVision’s IP video solution can also be used to provide benefits beyond store security. The shopping center management can access footage to help analyze events, promotions and footfall trends. Real time analytics can also be used for some innovative applications. Mapleview is currently trialing the directional virtual tripwire analytics function built into the IndigoVision video transmitter modules to provide the shopping center with a count of customers entering two of the building’s entrances. This provides better accuracy than the traditional ‘Eye-Beam’ equipment installed on the doorways, which unfortunately double-counts people as they enter and leave the premises.

Video is recorded on IndigoVision’s latest NVR-AS 3000 ‘Green’ NVRs. Five units provide Mapleview with a minimum 30 day archive of video continuously recorded from all the cameras. The extremely low power consumption and high-performance of the NVRs help reduce the equipment footprint and running costs of the IP Video storage solution. One of the NVRs is used as a redundant backup, which automatically starts recording if another NVR fails or is taken off-line for maintenance. Evidential quality video clips can be exported from the system for police investigations in the event of an incident.


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