Magal Receives Repeat Orders Totaling $1.7 Million

Magal Security Systems Ltd. has received $1.7 million in three repeat orders in the last part of the year.

The first order is for the expansion of a current project at a major international airport in Asia, which includes a few kilometers of DTR, Magal's leading taut-wire fence product; a few kilometers of buried cable (a virtual fence system) and an expansion of the airport's communication and surveillance equipment and associated infrastructure.

Another order is for upgrades and improvements in prisons – one in North America for $500,000 to design, supply and install inmate cell communication and guard tour systems and one in Israel.

The last order is for security equipment for a highly protected site with three existing PIDS layers; Magal will upgrade the legacy video motion detection layer to Magal's latest video solution, Maestro DB.

Eitan Livneh, president and CEO of Magal S3, commented: "Magal's client relationships and continuous commitment to customer satisfaction result in follow-up orders such as these. While much effort is invested in securing new projects and customers, our existing customer base is a top priority that deserves much attention."

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