Q1 Labs Certifies FireEye in Security Intelligence Partner Program

FireEye, Inc., a provider of next-generation Malware Protection Systems (MPS), announced that it has been certified by Q1 Labs, a global provider of security intelligence solutions, for its Security Intelligence Partner Program.

The company’s entry into this program solidifies its efforts to integrate with Q1 Labs’ open protocols, such as Log Event Enhanced Format (LEEF) and Asset Exchange Information Source (AXIS) – the primary protocols used in security information and event management (SIEM) and log management deployments. This integration allows for more powerful correlation of security and application layer event data, including the ability to leverage the full extent of the company's telemetry to detect advanced, persistent threats, zero-day attacks and known malware data exfiltration attempts.

“With nearly a decade of experience in the security industry, FireEye’s commitment to providing a truly open network threat prevention solution made it a perfect fit for the Security Intelligence Partner Program,” said Tom Turner, senior vice president of marketing and channels. “FireEye has taken the next step in achieving its mission to deliver intelligent security infrastructure.”

The MPS blocks targeted attacks and provides accurate, actionable events that highlight the exact nature of an inbound attack or outbound callback, such as data theft or fraudulent transaction activities. Using the Q1 Labs’ QRadar, IT analysts can prioritize their risk mitigation activities to these high-priority incidents.

The company’s adoption of Q1 Labs’ LEEF and AXIS protocols meets growing demand from customers to integrate FireEye with Q1 Labs’ QRadar Security Intelligence Platform. This program also allows partners to more tightly integrate with Q1 Labs’ Security Intelligence products, providing a direct feed of event, asset/vulnerability, configuration management and flow information, as well as the enablement of automated updates. Collaborative testing as part of the SIPP certification process ensures interoperability between MPS products and the Q1 Labs family of products.

The company's state-of-the-art malware analysis engine provides a dynamic, real-time technology for customers to obtain clear, actionable intelligence, accelerate incident response, and mitigate financial and data losses, according to the company's press release. Malware-VM and Malware-Callback technologies analyze both inbound and outbound network traffic to provide a complete view of malicious activities to the Q1 Labs’ QRadar Security Intelligence Platform and stop the advanced threats targeting the largest and most complex federal and enterprise networks.

“Modern Malware has been successful by utilizing zero-day exploits, data stealing malware, and has bypassed conventional security technologies,” said Ashar Aziz, founder and CEO, FireEye. “By integrating the FireEye MPS with the Q1 Labs’ platform, our joint customers can break the entire Modern Malware infection lifecycle while streamlining their IT security processes to stop data breaches and resource thefts.”

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