A Conversation with Eddie Lee

Trade shows play a key role in the security industry. Many companies use the time on the show floor to announce new products and introduce new technologies to potential customers. At the recent ISC Solutions expo in New York, we took the opportunity to sit down with Eddie Lee to talk about NUVICO products and technologies.

Q. NUVICO recently introduced two external adjustment bullet cameras. Tell us more about this technology and solution, and how the user will benefit from these products.

A. Most bullet cameras out in the current market all have one major flaw. Our new adjustment bullet cameras address this one major flaw and eliminate the problem from ever occurring.

When an installer goes to make the final lens adjustment before finishing up his installation, he needs to first remove the front casing so that he has access to the adjustment controls located inside. Once the camera is open, he makes his adjustments then closes it up. What he doesn’t realize is that he also has inadvertently trapped the ambient humidity inside. And because premium cameras are specifically engineered to keep humidity and moisture out, it also keeps the humidity from escaping. When the temperature drops during the night, the trapped humidity creates condensation on the lens and on the inside glass, producing unwatchable pictures that are foggy and hazy.

By relocating the controls to the exterior of the camera, we eliminate the need of opening the camera altogether. This ensures factory seal and far superior resistance to extreme temperatures. In addition, it also almost guarantees proper installation the first time and avoids unexpected service interruptions.

Q. Storage has become a big topic in the security industry. How does the APEX DVR assist in storage requirement?

A. When it comes to reliability and ease of use, embedded systems are still the preferred choice for security professionals. The challenge, however, for many stand-alone systems is the inability to extend its original storage capacity parameters. We have identified this shortcoming and worked diligently to find a solution that is reliable and easily scalable.

The solution is our AP-ES external storage unit. Part of our APEX series lineup is available only for our enterprise-level DVRs and designed specifically to meet the most demanding recording applications. Our external storage unit has four removable HDD slots and holds 1 TB hard drive each. A mirror recording feature is available in case of unexpected hard drive failures. When this occurs, drives are easily swappable in the middle of operation to eliminate any downtime.

Most importantly, AP-ES units are a plug-and-play solution and configure automatically once detected by the master DVR. These external storage units can be cascaded up to eight units, totaling 36 TB of storage space when you include 4 TB already available in APEX DVR. We are currently testing 2 TB hard drives, and, in the near future, our already-massive storage solution will be expanded to 72 TB.

Q. End users are looking for more bang for the buck. How is NUVICO helping them accomplish this?

A. From the very beginning, we have strategically concentrated on manufacturing products that are user-friendly and affordable.

In recent years, we have worked carefully with our distribution partners in reevaluating our product offerings. Based on their input and our own market studies, we have taken some risk and discontinued those items that were not competitive, or were not so much in demand in a fast-changing market. With these dormant items out of the way, we were able to concentrate on improving existing products and manufacturing them more effectively. The final result: more competitive prices and an increase in sales.

Q. As security technology changes and moves to a more networked environment, how is NUVICO supporting this transition, and do you find the analog camera world still a viable product offering?

A. We forecast that the sale of analog cameras and DVRs will remain strong for the upcoming years. This is partly due to their simplicity of plug-andplay installation and low cost. But we do realize the future is IP/megapixel cameras and NVRs. For the past two years, we have invested heavily and allocated all our research and development resources in developing a full line of IP/megapixel cameras and NVRs. Observing current market trends, all of our IP-based products are ONVIF-compliant. The official launching of these new products will be during ISC West 2011 in Las Vegas. And carrying on with the NUVICO tradition, they will be user-friendly and affordable.

Q. The economy seems to be rebounding. How did NUVICO weather this global economic crunch? How are business opportunities looking today and going forward?

A. Despite the turbulent economy, we are happy to announce that NUVICO is still growing. We attribute our continued success to standing firm with our time-honored tradition of offering feature-rich, quality products that are reliable and yet affordable. It is also due to our marketing strategy of keeping a streamlined product lineup that concentrates wholly on the everyday demands of security professionals.

We also are fortunate that we have distribution partners who foresee our strategy and support us. Together, we will continue to provide quality products and service.

This article originally appeared in the February 2011 issue of Security Today.

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