Micro Key Solutions Offers Free CSAA Memberships

Micro Key Solutions, a provider of software solutions for the security alarm industry, in cooperation with the Central Station Alarm Association, a trade association that represents companies offering alarm monitoring systems through a central station, is offering to pay the first year’s CSAA membership dues for any CSAA-approved Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) Central Station using Micro Key Solutions’ Millennium Series Monitoring software.

This offer, which began January 1, is open to non-CSAA members, and will be in effect for proprietary and commercial Central Stations throughout the U. S. and Canada throughout the rest of this year.

CSAA member companies operate Central Station alarm monitoring systems that have been certified by a CSAA-approved NRTL, such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Intertek (ETL) and Factory Mutual (FM).

Since its founding in 1950, CSAA has worked to foster and improve relations between its members and various related groups: law enforcement and fire officials, the insurance industry, equipment suppliers and government/regulatory agencies.

Membership in CSAA provides company executives and other participants an opportunity to meet and discuss operational procedures, business referrals, mutual problems and industry developments. Through CSAA, members are alerted to legislative and regulatory actions affecting the alarm industry in general and the central station sector in particular.

CSAA holds a five-day annual meeting each fall, featuring seminars on the industry’s future, market trends and other topics. A spring mid-year trade show, ESX, gives members additional opportunities to discuss issues and to chart CSAA’s response to future challenges. Seminars on specialized topics are also held from time to time, including its sought-after Fall Operations Management Seminar.

“Offering to pay the first year of CSAA membership for any interested CSAA-approved NRTL Central Station using our Monitoring software is a great way to do something for our industry. Having more members and encouraging participation in CSAA will only serve to strengthen an organization that is already helping so many members through education and the sharing of best practices, effectively lowering member liability,” said Wayne Torrens, president of Micro Key Solutions.

“Active members of CSAA benefit by interacting with other central stations and staying in tune with industry changes affecting their business. Our members learn something new at nearly every meeting and are able to share information and enhance their operations with the best practices they discuss. Our association acts as a sounding board and represents our membership with other associations such as Electronic Security Association (ESA), Security Industry Association (SIA) and many others. We have members that serve on numerous groups such as standards writing groups and regulatory committees. CSAA maintains close relationships with authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs), as well as insurance companies to ensure our members are continuously informed of standards to follow to minimize any potential liability issues,” said Becky Lane, director of membership for CSAA.

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