Scallop Surveillance Cameras Integrated With exacqVision VMS

Scallop Imaging announced the integration of its IP Digital Window D7-180 cameras with Exacq Technologies' exacqVision VMS v4.6.  The integrated system significantly reduces the costs and complexity of surveillance camera systems, and enables remote, high-resolution viewing on smart phones and tablets.

"Exacq Technologies provides an innovative VMS complement to Scallop Imaging's unique and immensely powerful IP surveillance cameras," said Peter Jones, president of Scallop Imaging. "The combination of exacqVision and D7-180 cameras is ideal for discretely monitoring large and active areas such as airports with fewer cameras, and easily integrates with existing analog and IP camera networks."

The Digital Window D7-180 seven-megapixel digital camera distributes the imaging task across multiple, small image sensors, processing more than 100 megapixels per second to calibrate, synchronize and merge together video in real time.  The result is two simultaneous video streams: one 720p HD stream divided into a true 180 degree, non-fisheye, situational awareness window at 15 frames per second, plus up to four instantly repositionable zoom windows at full scene megapixel resolution at 15 fps; and full resolution capture of all seven megapixels at one fps.

The D7-180 camera also features PoE and H.264 video compression, at a price comparable to three fixed megapixel wide-angle cameras.  The camera's small footprint and undistorted field of view are unique in the surveillance industry.  Unlike conventional cameras that employ de-warping techniques, the D7 offers a seamless situational awareness window comprised of images captured by five 1.3 megapixel sensors.

"exacqVision is a small footprint, powerful VMS and can utilize Scallop Imaging's D7-180 camera features, including high-resolution mode, providing customers with an inexpensive surveillance video platform," said Dan Rittman, VP of engineering at Exacq Technologies.  "The integrated system runs natively on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows platforms, can be centrally managed and controlled, and works with leading access control, retail analytics, iSCSI storage, wireless networking and video analytics systems."

exacqVision VMS installs on any standard computer running Windows, Linux or Mac OS X and can connect to multiple exacqVision hybrid (analog and IP cameras) and IP camera servers creating a virtually unlimited amount of cameras and protection.  Video from all exacqVision systems can also be accessed with web browsers and mobile devices with access to the Internet. 

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