SafeNet Announces New Trusted Authentication Migration Offerings

SafeNet Inc. announced the immediate availability of two new migration bundles that provide enterprises with a fully trusted authentication alternative. SafeNet’s trusted authentication solutions allow organizations to create and protect sensitive information in a secured environment, leveraging SafeNet’s programmable tokens and hardware security modules (HSMs) for comprehensive protection.

“Recent data breach headlines highlight the importance of data protection. Anyone can be hacked,” said Tsion Gonen, corporate vice president, products and marketing at SafeNet. “Our focus with these new migration offerings is to help companies transition to fully trusted authentication solutions that deliver state-of-the-art security technology combined with customer control and flexibility. We place the ultimate control where it should be, with the enterprise itself.”

The new SafeNet migration solutions offer a seamless migration path for customers looking to transition from vendor-controlled authentication to self-controlled authentication. These new bundled solutions put control and programmability in users’ hands. Optional migration planning and implementation services enable seamless installation and transition from existing authentication solutions. Both solutions include a single management platform, a range of authenticator choices, field-programming pens and a brokering functionality to allow seamless migration from existing authentication solutions.

“Unlike other authentication vendors that ride a trend or a news wave and suggest that customers should move to singular authentication solutions, such as software-only authentication solutions, SafeNet leaves that decision to the customer,” said Tom Ruffolo, president of eSecurityToGo, a SafeNet North America channel partner. “In our business, we’re trusted advisers to our customers, and SafeNet lets us provide our customers with the freedom to choose which authentication options will meet the needs of their business today and tomorrow - from onetime password, to smartcard solutions, as well as software and mobile authentication, with total flexibility on one unified platform.”

SafeNet’s approach to data protection focuses on protecting and controlling sensitive data throughout the information lifecycle. Through the combination of encryption, access control, key management, and authentication, this data-centric approach protects data wherever it resides.

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