Dedicated Micros, AD Networks Video Showcase Demonstration Vehicle

Dedicated Micros and AD Network Video -- both part of the AD Group of Companies -- are taking an innovative approach to exhibiting at IFSEC this year with the main feature of the stand being their new state of the art, articulated demonstration vehicle.

The company made the decision to invest in the new vehicle after the success of its Closed IPTV road shows which ran throughout the Winter. Closed IPTV, IP video products are installed on the vehicle together with the latest innovations from the AD Group, and are now at the fingertips of integrators, installers, specifiers and end users in the UK all year round.

New products on show include additions to the CamVu IP camera range including the CamVu 720 dome and box cameras which feature exceptional low light performance, high definition resolution with up to two megapixels of on-board recording to micro SD card, transmission on alarm and multiple video streams in MPEG4, JPEG and H.264 simultaneously to meet bandwidth requirements, while maintaining a differentiated high quality record rate for use as evidence.

Complimenting the new HD IP camera products, is a new CamVu IP camera with in-camera de-warping, which leverages the inherent de-warping capability of the Group’s ChipWrights ViSP, combined with the capability of it’s five megapixel sensor. Multiple independent streams are managed seamlessly, with no need for special software, within the NetVu ObserVer viewing application offering electronic zoom of each view. As part of the NetVu Connected family of seamless video products, images from the camera are recorded and viewed alongside the images of both analogue and IP cameras deployed within the same system.

The new CamVu IP cameras add to Dedicated Micros growing range of easy to use IP video products including the IFSEC Awards finalist, the SD Excel Closed IPTV, the hybrid DVR/NVR capable of recording, streaming and displaying multiple HD IP cameras seamlessly alongside a mix of analogue cameras. The IFSEC Awards finalist, the high definition NetVu Console is at work displaying multi-media video content around the stand while providing demonstration points which illustrate the seamless integration of IP and analogue cameras within a single, embedded user interface -- a key capability which has been inherent in NetVu Connected products for many years.

Offering high definition recording and powerful re-display performance, the NV8 joins the DV-IP, enterprise server/decoder range, boasting an impressive 300Mbits of video streaming bandwidth, delivering a flexible configuration solution operating as either a real-time HD/hybrid multi-screen decoder for high performance video wall deployment or as a dedicated real time encoder for recording and transmission of both analog and HD IP cameras.

Strategic partner, BBV's Pick-a-Point video management system forms part of the AD Group's enterprise video management system, which offers a user friendly, map based touch screen workstation, scalable to large enterprise solutions. Compatible with NetVu Connected video products, Pick-a-Point provides seamless management of hybrid systems incorporating crucial security features such as alarm handling, video download and evidence burning, integration with 3rd parties such as GDX, Protec, Commend and AD Group's patented Emergency Messaging System. New to Pick-a-Point at IFSEC, is the integration of Dedicated Micros Point and Go, PTZ capability which allows the operator to select the area of interest on screen with a simple click of the mouse, a perfect solution to PTZ control over IP networks.

Continuing it’s focus on vertical markets, AD Network Video strengthens it’s Fire and Transport market solutions with new products on show which meet specific demands of each sector.

The new FireVu Dome, borne out of the AD Group’s D-Tec division and marketed within the AD Network Video portfolio, features video smoke detection and video transmission capability and when combined with the new FV1 annunciator, provides a solution to the growing problem to commercial property owners, of non-emergency response from the Fire Service. FireVu enables RVRCs such as AD Group’s Remguard division and other ARCs with the capability to provide visually verified smoke and fire alarms which fully integrate with the existing fire alarms and building management systems, satisfying the need of fire authorities which require visually verified alarms from commercial premises.

Taking a look at the value added video solutions to the transport sector, the AD Group’s TSS division is showing the mobile CCTV unit developed for Gloucestershire Constabulary, which features the award winning TransVu, mobile video recorder in the form of PatrolVu and Dedicated Micros Infiniti, ruggedized, PTZ camera with integrated IR illumination. Visitors are invited to see how a real Mobile Police unit operates in practice.

The TransVu mobile video recorder takes center stage in an innovative motor racing display, showing off it’s performance in extreme conditions. Testing TransVu on AD Group’s Le Mans Sportscar has played a significant part in making the product robust and reliable to meet the demands of the transport sector, and when combined with vehicle telemetry and telematics data, offers a significant return on investment to the transport operator.

Footage from the TransVu is on show, which was recorded during the crash which occurred at Spa Francorchamps this month. During the crash, the TransVu, which sustained an impact in excess of 40G at 180km/h, carried on recording throughout, as true testament to the suitability of the product for harsh environments.

Pauline Norstrom, Marketing Director and Board Director for Dedicated Micros and AD Group, comments, “Our investment into a new demonstration vehicle underlines our commitment to training and education at all levels in the professional video security channel. AD Group's, hybrid and pure IP video solution Closed IPTV is best seen in a live deployment and the vehicle allows us to to do just that by bringing the solution, together with those of the Group to the installer and user.

“Products and solutions from Dedicated Micros and AD Network Video, broadly sit in three distinct groups; video recording and management solutions for public and commercial property installations, video smoke and fire detection and visual verification solutions for the Fire market and robust, integrated solutions for the Transport market. The diversity and differentiation of our products set the AD Group apart from other manufacturers as our solutions are truly seamless.”


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