1st Choice Security Solutions and inLogic Partner for RFID Automated Payroll Process

1st Choice Security Solutions Inc.’s passive RFID readers and long-range tags were chosen for inLogic’s Automatic Payroll Project for LSI Mortgage Plus, a national mortgage banker/broker with multiple offices throughout the U.S.

inLogic’s RFTrack.NET software and the 1st Choice RFID hardware is now used by LSI human resources to determine payroll without having the employees manually fill out paper work and submit their work time and overtime pay.

1st Choice RFID tags and readers gave LSI a way to know if its employees were actually in the office building by placing readers in strategic areas throughout the office to provide maximum coverage of the facility. Employees wear the RFID tags on a lanyard that they also use for their access control proximity card to gain access into the building. In addition, inLogic uses 1st Choice motion alarm tags to monitor when employees open the door to the computer room or other security sensitive areas.

“RFTrack.NET was not designed with payroll automation in mind, but it was flexible enough to meet LSI’s objectives. The performance, functionality and ease of installation of the 1st Choice Security readers and tags allowed for a very quick implementation,” said inLogic’s Scott Porter. “The entire system was installed and operational in less than three days. The ability to easily tune the sensitivity and range of the 1st Choice readers proved to be very beneficial, allowing for HR to gain daily reports for employee payroll without the employee having to do anything at all. Because the 1st Choice passive readers do not interfere with each other, we were able to cover the entire office facility with only four readers.”

“The inlogic RFTrack.NET software provides a very robust and stable RFID solution platform for our unique passive readers and long-range tags, and the support they provide to their customers in the design, installation, implementation and ongoing service of their products is superb. We have worked with inLogic on several long-range RFID projects and are very pleased with the performance of their software,” said Pete Martin, 1st Choice president.

LSI Mortgage Plus IT Director Scott Koller reported that since the inLogic system runs on Microsoft SQL Server and the 1st Choice RFID system provides more accurate time and attendance data by tracking the precise time that each employee enters and leaves the office, the company was able to leverage SQL Reporting Services and cut the time to process payroll by 25 percent and reduce overtime expenses.

Porter and Koller also stated that because the initial deployment was so successful, it has recently been deployed in another LSI Mortgage Plus office in St. Louis and will be implemented in a second Atlanta area office in August.

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