Canadian Parking Management Company Relies on Brivo Access Control for Unmanned Facilities

Brivo Systems LLC, an online physical access control system provider and specialist  in software-as-a-service applications for security management, recently announced that EasyPark, a parking management company for the City of Vancouver, British Columbia, will utilize Brivo ACS WebService to manage access to all their unmanned, monthly parking facilities located throughout the city.

EasyPark manages a total of 49 parking facilities for off-street parking -- underground, multi-story, and surface lots -- for the City of Vancouver and third party landlords. They have implemented Brivo ACS WebService in five of their facilities, two more are presently being installed, and two are planned for installation. The Brivo system will manage access at the nine facilities for approximately 1,100 vehicles on a daily basis.

“We were upgrading access control systems for a number of the facilities, and one of our suppliers recommended we take a look at Brivo,” recalled Nicola Devereux, monthly parking supervisor for EasyPark. “Each time we inherit a facility, we inherit the old access system too, and a number of these systems were failing or had connectivity problems.”

Working with EasyPark’s IT Manager, Jack Gushue, Devereux arranged for a demo of the Brivo system and the two did additional research on the Brivo website, reading various White Papers to learn more about the technology and the costs involved. “What we found was, for me as the end user and for our IT Manager, Brivo was the best case scenario -- we had the administration all in one interface, no dedicated computers, and no servers.”

Devereux is the main system administrator for now and she is presently training someone for back up. EasyPark uses the Brivo system to maintain firm control on access to the parking facilities and to maximize revenue. Each month, the company reviews their accounts receivable reports. If a customer hasn’t paid for the upcoming month, and after sufficient time informing them of the situation, EasyPark staff can quickly and easily prevent access for the delinquent account to the parking facilities. This almost always prompts immediate payment.

EasyPark can also now efficiently manage lost credentials. “Once a card is lost, we’re able to get into the Brivo system straight away and manage our security,” said Devereux. “With our older systems, we had connectivity problems. Now, we can react much more quickly from any web browser, and that’s brilliant.”

EasyPark staff, customers and contractors are divided into multiple groups to manage access specifically for each person’s needs. In some instances, EasyPark staff has access to multiple sites and in the past if that credential was lost, administrators would have to revoke all the access cards separately. Now, it’s one card and Devereux related how she simply suspends that user’s permissions while the staff member sees if the item can be located -- more efficient and much more secure than past systems.

“We’re really starting to see what we are capable of doing with the Brivo system,” Devereux remarked. “It’s the potential that drew us to Brivo and the fact that it seemed like a strong company, the software clearly has regular upgrades, and you add features based on customer requests. We’re looking forward to giving Brivo our feedback and shaping this system to our current and future needs.”

Devereux uses the reports feature regularly to check a particular credential’s movement in and out; check the flow of cars at a location; even to see where the janitorial crew has been. “These are really useful tools,” she said. “Running the reports is intuitive, very customizable, and we don’t have to wait 20 minutes for a report -- that’s revolutionary.”

“We’re extremely satisfied with our Brivo system, it’s more than we expected. The fact that we can connect straight away, run these highly useful reports in real-time and save them is all very exciting. We’ve only just started, but I can see the potential to use this system to be able to serve our customers faster and better and make their parking experience a highly satisfactory one.”

“We’re extremely satisfied with our Brivo system, it’s more than we expected. We’ve only just started, but I see the potential to use this system to serve our customers faster and better and make their parking experience a highly satisfactory one.”

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