RF Technologies Releases Smart ID Location Detection Technology

RF Technologies, provider of radio frequency identification monitoring systems and healthcare security solutions, recently announced the release of its Smart ID location detection technology. Smart ID provides the location of residents upon calling from a pendant using the Code Alert Quick Response Plus Wireless Call Solution, which utilizes the reliability and scalability of the Inovonics EchoStream product line.

Smart ID offers a comparable level of location detection as the Quick Response Inovonics Frequency Agile (FA) system, which is pending obsolescence. The Code Alert Quick Response Plus with Smart ID is an economical solution that identifies the location of residents upon their call, with detail down to common areas or a general living area.

"The Smart ID technology is a cost-effective solution for facilities requiring location detail to a common living area or a block of apartments, thereby enabling caregivers to respond to calls faster and provide a greater sense of security for the residents of a community and their families," said Paul Larson, vice president of product development for RF Technologies, Inc.

The Quick Response Plus solution features call pendants, which are available as a necklace, belt clip or wristband; easy-to-use touch screen monitor software, Quick Look LED displays, smoke detector integration and reporting capabilities.

Additionally, Quick Response Plus with Smart ID is a solution that is faster and easier to install than other systems that require extensive and time-consuming mapping of a facility.

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