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Soon enough we'll have the opportunity to look at the newest products available to the security industry. ASIS is the perfect venue to see new products, the applications and what drives the solution.

As usual, I've received a number of requests to visit booths and take a tour of the new products by various venders and manufacturers. This is the very essence of the security business and a part of Security Products business model.

We love new products.

One of the products you will see at ASIS is coming from IC Realtime. From what I've seen and read about the product, it's making a cutting edge mark on the industry. IC Realtime has partnered with JETProtect Corp. out of Santa Clara, Calif., to introduce Virtual Fence Radar.

This is an interesting approach to automated security solutions, and according to Matt Sailor of IC Realtime, this product will develop a new range of sophisticated security solutions that will work with any application. The product works at any time of day or in any weather condition, and it will monitor up to nine square miles of terrain. It an object is detected during a 360 degree sweep, it will instantly determine if the object appears to be a threat to the protected area.

At a programmed critical point, VFR also will alert a central monitoring station and appropriate security staff with live video and real time data.

This is just one of many products you will find at ASIS that are breaking new ground in the security and technology world.

See you in Orlando.

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Ralph C. Jensen is editor-in-chief of Security Today magazine.

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