Pelco's Device Utility 2 Provides IP Camera Management

Pelco by Schneider Electric’s new network device installation tool, Device Utility 2, is now included with every Pelco IP camera and available to download. The free utility allows users to set and adjust multiple IP addresses at one time. It enables advanced configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting of supported Pelco network devices.

Users also can assign static IP addresses and locate free IP addresses in a specific range and assign them to IP devices. Additional functionality gives users the ability to store settings and seamlessly manage hundreds of devices.Unique thumbnail views help users to identify individual cameras within DU2. Designed with users in mind, the software also provides added network security by allowing administrators to hide IP cameras or Pelco devices from being discovered on their networks.

“Device Utility 2 enables users to change IP addresses much easier and quicker, while providing enhanced network security,” said Scott Paul, Pelco senior product marketing manager. “Users of our current Device Utility should upgrade free to take advantage of the additional camera management features and better functionality.”

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