G4S Justice Services Offers Lone Worker Protection Solution

G4S Justice Services (G4S), provider of advanced monitoring services, now offers a new lone worker protection solution as part of its comprehensive suite of products, services and technology.

The new solution, called LoneProtector, was showcased at the G4S booth during ASIS.

“With the number of lone workers rising, organizations face increasing pressure to proactively protect their workforce in order to demonstrate corporate responsibility,” said Darryl Martin, president of G4S Justice Services. “The G4S LoneProtector solution provides vulnerable lone workers with market leading security protection while giving organizations peace of mind.”

For years, companies have been responsible for ensuring the health, safety and welfare of their employees by following local, state and federal regulations. These regulations also extend to lone workers -- employees working off site, in direct contact with the public or during unusual hours.

Through LoneProtector, G4S provides custom monitoring solutions to help companies protect their employees and meet their responsibilities as employers.

LoneProtector enables G4S to deliver customized lone worker solutions across a wide range of sectors and industries using an industry-leading device. The solution provides lone workers with a discreet GPS device that looks like and can be concealed in an employee ID badge. Each device allows the lone worker to alert G4S of trouble and allows G4S to contact the lone worker to check on his or her welfare. If a lone worker alerts G4S, employees in one of its 24/7 geographically redundant monitoring centers can listen to the situation, notify the authorities if necessary and provide the GPS location of the device.

LoneProtector includes “man down” technology that detects and notifies the monitoring centers if a lone worker falls or is immobilized. If a “man down” alert is raised, employees in the monitoring centers attempt to contact the lone worker and, if no response is received, notify the authorities with the device’s GPS location. For lone workers that do not require a discreet device, LoneProtector software can be built into a Smartphone or PDA.

Benefits of the G4S LoneProtector lone worker solution include: increased protection for lone workers; reduced liability for employers; custom monitoring solutions; GPS tracking; and manual and automatic alarms.

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