3i-MIND and iJET Partner in the Software Solutions Market

In today’s world, theft, espionage, the discrediting of corporate reputations and other disruptive activities are carried out on social networks and in public forums online. As a result, operational risk reduction requires a combination of subject matter expertise and open-source tools. Without one or the other, corporate security officers and their teams lose the upper hand in the battle against threats to their people and operations.

This is the premise behind the integration of OpenMIND in iJET’s existing solution set. Chris Wooten, chief sales officer at 3i-MIND/iJET, took some time to share what the new acquisition means in the world of software solutions and what the team has been up to in all things digital.

“OpenMIND will add an entirely new dimension to iJET’s intelligence gathering and analysis capabilities through its ability to automatically harvest, visualize, analyze and manage situation-specific information from the Internet—including social networks, forums and chat rooms,” Wooten said. “iJET analysts and subject matter experts are using OpenMIND to complement their traditional protocol for assessing situations and creating intelligence alerts. In addition, 3i-MIND/iJET will be offering a range of configurable, secure, cost-effective solutions directly to clients, enabling them to leverage OpenMIND’s open-source intelligence harvesting (OSINT) and analysis capabilities.”

When 3i-MIND/iJET appeared this past September as ASIS 2011, they didn’t introduce a series of difficult to interpret products to the market; rather, they delivered a streamlined approach to new technology (as the company mission touts).

The software solutions company focused on two new products – Worldcue Global Control Center and OpenMIND at the Orlando, Fla. exhibition.

Both software monitoring systems provide initial notice for companies to authorize crisis management tactics. Worldcue provides early-warning intelligence of any global threat or risk to key assets located anywhere in the world, according to Wooten. The software does exactly as its name implies providing a cue, notifying human monitors when affected people and assets, experience harm and instantly ascertains how an incident might impact your organization; and deploys notifications and crisis response, according to Wooten.

“Whether it’s an earthquake in Japan, social unrest in London or a transport strike in Athens, Worldcue alerts client organizations to potential impacts and disruptions to people and assets,” Wooten said.

The techno-savvy company knows a thing or two about corporate blogs – follow the3i-MIND blog here.  Reputation speaks volumes and if a corporation’s name suffers a debilitating blow via digital communication, OpenMIND is a 100 percent secure solution that will sniff out the naysayers and continue monitoring public mentions as they pop up in cyberspace. Consider this software the Internet data supervisor providing a proactive method of online monitoring to prevent delayed response when dealing with virtual crisis situations. In the event of a disparaging social media mention, the OSINT system will kick into gear, and the humans tapping away in their cubicles can initiate reputation repair tactics.

“As we know, social networks are used to spread sentiment—both positive and negative,” Wooten said. “An angry blog post, a lewd photograph or even a single disparaging tweet can topple a company’s reputation or end a career.”

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