Verint Solutions in Action at Peter Cooper Village - Stuyvesant Town

Peter Cooper Village-Stuyvesant Town is a private residential development on the East Side of Manhattan in New York City. The property is one of the world’s largest housing communities and offers amenities such as sprawling parks and a private security force. Verint Video Intelligence Solutions, provider of networked video solutions, installed Verint video management software to better secure the residential community.

Operational Overview
A “city within a city”, the housing community has more than 30,000 residents and comprises 110 buildings on an 80-acre campus. With 11,250 apartments, the non-gated campus overlooks the East River and is adjacent to the Manhattan neighborhoods of East Village, Union Square and Alphabet City.

Strategic Challenge
In October 2006, the property owner embarked on a renovation project to construct new walkways, lobbies, elevators and playgrounds. As part of this modernization initiative, the organization sought a highly-scalable, reliable and open-architecture video surveillance solution to advance the safety and security of its vast complex grounds. To protect its residents, visitors and facilities, Peter Cooper Village-Stuyvesant Town relies on the most innovative and cutting-edge technology in the market. After an extensive evaluation process, Verint and industry-leading integration partner, Security Management Systems, were selected for the project.

The Solution
Nextiva Video Management Software and S1700e Series Encoders with three hundred terabytes of storage from Verint Video Intelligence Solutions.

The Bottom Line
The Nextiva video management solution integrates with more than 1,000 third-party cameras to continuously record video data from virtually anywhere on the campus. Captured data is then transmitted to a state-of the-art “Command Center” for central monitoring on Nextiva Review workstations where security personnel, deputized by the New York Police Department, monitor the vast campus. Using the open-architecture platform of Nextiva’s video management software, the complex can easily integrate with other technologies to help manage the large, geographically distributed environment more efficiently and cost effectively. Further, Verint encoders combine low cost of ownership with industry-leading video encoding technology for superior imagery and optimal bandwidth utilization.

“Peter Cooper Village-Stuyvesant Town required an advanced video solution that could scale to a project of this proportion while offering seamless integration with third-party systems such as access control and emergency response,” says Al Albrecht, president, Security Management Systems. “Based on its expertise and solid reputation in the enterprise marketplace, Verint emerged as the ideal technology provider to meet the unique requirements of this complex.”

Securing a “City within a City”
To monitor highly critical areas, Nextiva Analytics enhance situational awareness and transforms what used to be a manual, resource-intensive operation to an efficient, accurate, automated process. Peter Cooper Village-Stuyvesant Town leverages Verint analytics to secure their expansive perimeters by creating custom detection rules that monitor entrances, exits, lobbies, elevators and parking facilities.

“The analytic capabilities of Nextiva are used to identify suspicious activity in real-time,” says Albrecht. “With Nextiva’s alarm features, the organization can immediately pinpoint suspicious activity anywhere on the campus and dispatch security staff for rapid investigation and protection of residents.”

Nextiva video management software, integrated analytics and the powerful S1700e series video encoders, enable Peter Cooper Village-Stuyvesant Town to enhance situational awareness and capture high-quality video images, optimize bandwidth utilization, leverage flexible video search capabilities, and manage its large, geographically-distributed video operations more efficiently.

Leveraging the advanced capabilities of the Verint Nextiva solution, the complex is able to collect vast amounts of information and provide security and management staff with the timely intelligence required to help ensure a safe and secure lifestyle for the residents of Peter Cooper Village-Stuyvesant Town.

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