HID Global Demonstrates First Single-Provider Solution for Physical-Logical Access

HID Global recently announced its highly-integrated fraud detection service from its Identity Assurance business, ActivIdentity. The solution will demonstrate its 4TRESS Authentication solution and CMS appliance with Smart Card Alliance’s CIV Credential that fully integrates Genuine HID Crescendo credentials at this week’s RSA Conference 2012 in San Francisco. In addition to showcasing its diverse portfolio of leading authentication and credential management technologies, the company will also preview its new U.S. Government solutions for PIV-enabled physical-logical access control in #1646.

Demonstrations of HID Global Identity Assurance solutions from ActivIdentity are aimed at educating visitors about the real-world benefits of best-in-class physical-logical access convergence and secure multi-factor authentication. The combined strength of the brands brings a uniquely diverse heritage and a unified solutions set that illustrates the convenience and cost-savings that convergence from a single provider offers enterprise, government and financial services organizations. Booth visitors will see how one credential is able to log into Windows, encrypt and decrypt data, access the cloud or a smartphone and also be utilized for accessing secured facilities at a door reader. Demonstrations will include:

Credential management and authentication enterprise solutions:

  • Strong authentication offers multi-layered protection against evolving and advanced persistent threats.
  • One credential for secure access to building, network and cloud applications -- smart card solutions.
  • Mobile tokens can provide the most convenient, secure access from your smartphone or tablet computer.

New financial services solutions:

  • The latest technology in transparent authentication, fraud prevention and payment security is ensuring the future of online banking and financial mobility.
  • Adaptive and versatile authentication and secure identity solutions can help financial service organizations easily comply with FFIEC mandate and other bank security requirements.
  • Layered security, affordability and scalability are driving profound innovation in this sector.

PIV-enabled government solutions:

  • One credential (PIV/PIV-I card) for the government employee will provide secure physical and logical access to appropriately authorized assets of an entire agency, including designated networks, applications, devices, the cloud and even physical facilities.
  • PIV card solutions easily integrate with existing physical access control systems and other infrastructure to secure and fast-track real-world interactions, including opening doors and identifying personnel in a secured area.
  • Mobility, security and compliance can be delivered easily and affordably in the government sector.

HID Global’s exhibit will also feature a mobility overview station, which will demonstrate how easily naviGO software extends enterprise door access cards to provide strong authentication to the desktop and laptop, delivering greater security, compliance and productivity. Visitors will be able to interact with various card readers and see how smartphones users can leverage existing personal technology to gain physical and logical access in government and the enterprise.

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