Tips to Prevent Distracted Driving

With the recent launch of the “It Can Wait” campaign from AT&T, which is designed to prevent texting while driving, distracted driving has been in the news more than ever. Distracted driving reaches far beyond texting, however. Here are some other things to avoid while driving, keeping you safe on the road and free from harm’s way. 

While certainly texting while driving is dangerous, it is also equally important to avoid talking on your cell phone completely. Many states have bans against talking on your phone while driving, so it is best to avoid a ticket and any distractions. Do not attempt to read while you drive, whether it is a map or your GPS navigation system. If you have to read something, pull off to a safe place to do so. Do not attempt to do your makeup, comb your hair, or shave while driving (yes, this has been done by many), no matter how late you are. While most everyone enjoys listening to music in the car, be careful not to become distracted attempting to change the station or searching for a CD. Also, never listen to headphones while you drive, as these can prevent you from hearing any emergency vehicles behind you. Finally, resist eating or drinking while driving, as these can both prove extremely distracting. 

Distracted driving presents a great danger to not only you, but any other drivers on the road as well. With these prevention tips, distracted driving can quickly become a thing of the past.

About the Author

Tyler Thurston is an e-newsletter editor for 1105 Media.


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