ioimage by DVTEL Case Study

ioimage by DVTEL Case Study

ioimage by DVTEL Case StudyMarine Container Services Inc. is a logistics company that provides import and export services to multi-national retailers and distributors throughout the United States. The company also provides warehousing services that include export consolidation, import distribution, flat rack storage and cargo banding.

The Business Challenge
On a daily basis, nearly $5 million in goods are stored at the Marine Container Services headquarters, and vehicles are continuously entering and exiting the facility. The constant flow of goods and services introduced vulnerability to theft.

As a forward-thinking business, Marine Container Services decided to explore new technologies to help control security issues and enhance safety within their infrastructure.  In order to reduce theft, the Marine Container team needed to monitor access to its facilities and property. With a 130,000-square-foot warehouse and 6 acres to monitor, this was no small feat.

“We sought an IP video surveillance solution that could capture video…enable us to investigate incidents quickly and work to prevent incidents from occurring,” said Joe Noonan, owner, Marine Container Inc.

Unique Security Needs
Noonan realized the potential that video surveillance technology offered but had bigger plans in mind. “We needed an automated system that would allow us to prevent theft, gather evidence and react in real-time,” he said.

Additionally, a remotely monitored system would allow the company to focus on its core business and not have to employ a staff member to manage it. Noonan was also looking for a dependable and responsive solution, one that would be able to accommodate the large volume of cargo coming and going on a daily basis.

Last on their list of criteria was the need for a reliable supplier. “Security is not our core business, so we required a partner to help us get the most out of our technology and guide us to make the correct decisions for our business.”

After researching products on the market, Noonan found Visentry, a monitored video surveillance service provider that leverages intelligent remote monitoring technology to reduce theft and vandalism, eliminate the cost of on-site patrols and lower insurance premiums.

Visentry’s Virtual Sentry combines intelligent video event detection and analysis capabilities to provide 24/7, remote monitoring based on real-time detection and response. The platform leverages HD video surveillance cameras and intelligent analytics from ioimage by DVTEL to detect potential threats. Users define detection parameters and once a threat is detected, Visentry’s central station is notified. A Visentry operator then manages a real-time response, using PTZ camera capabilities to verify the event and acquire more information on risk factors. If the alarm is high-priority, the operator can dispatch local police.

“Virtual Sentry provides our customers with the ultimate crime-deterring weapon while enabling them to save money on security,” said Juda Slamovich, COO, Visentry. “Our customers know their sites are safe because with ioimage technology, we have our eyes on it around the clock.”

DVTEL ioimage analytics deliver world-class, intelligent video. With thousands of units deployed across the globe, ioimage analytics are proven in the field and relied on by a variety of customers.

The Ideal Solution
ioimage by DVTEL Case StudyToday, Marine Container’s team is able to respond quickly if an incident occurs.

“This system enables us to find the information that we are looking for and prevent theft or tampering,” Noonan said. “In an investigation, we now have the data we need at the tip of our fingers.”

Overall, Marine Container Services has found the ViSentry service to be an ideal fit for its innovative features as well as the positive experience working with ViSentry, DVTEL and ioimage.

Peace of Mind
With the Virtual Security system in place, Marine Container Services has achieved its main objective: securing its cargo and reducing theft.

“We have reduced the amount of false alarms at our facility and, therefore, are a stronger partner with local law enforcement,” he said. “Furthermore, the system and ongoing service is incredibly cost effective. We recouped our initial investment in just two months.”

Quick Facts
Customer: Marine Container Services Inc.
Video Monitoring Service: Virtual Sentry
DVTEL Solution: ioimage by DVTEL

  • Proactive video surveillance solution reduces theft;
  • Reduction in personnel investment;
  • Reduced false alarms; and
  • Investment protection.

ioimage by DVTEL Results:

  • Intelligent analytics automatically alert operators;
  • Customizable by user parameters to ideally fit application; and
  • Real-time incident reaction.

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