PlustekSecurity Debuts Two Hi Def Edge Network NVRs and ONVIF Video Encoder at ISC West

PlustekSecurity Debuts Two Hi Def Edge Network NVRs and ONVIF Video Encoder at ISC West

PlustekSecurity Debuts Two Hi Def Edge Network NVRs and ONVIF Video Encoder at ISC West

Plustek Technology Inc., a manufacturer of embedded surveillance management devices, launched two new high-definition Network Video Recorders (NVR), the NVR SlimD880 and NVR X880, and the new VS540i ONVIF compliant video encoder. All will be at ISC West 2013 at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, booth #1045.

“We are excited to give booth-side demonstrations of our impressive new NVRs at ISC West this year,” said Karen Ku, CEO of PlustekSecurity.  “Our ruggedized devices are designed for tough environments, providing the true embedded, standalone ‘Recording at the Edge’ solution.”

Plustek’s NVR 880 series are powerful network video recorders equipped with 180Mbps throughputs that gives the ability to connect to 8x1.3 mega pixel cameras (or 6x 2M pixel cameras), delivering high-definition videos for surveillance.  The main features of Plustek’s NVR 880 series include high-quality video compression, embedded standalone NVR with a built-in web interface, alert email notifications and alarm video buffers. It also comes with multiple digital inputs and outputs for other surveillance integration and control needs.

Using the advantages of Recording at the Edge, Plustek’s edge recorders not only provide uninterrupted, seamless audio and video onsite recording, but also act as an alternative storage to secure all video footages. The slick, yet rugged, outfit is perfect for all surveillance applications.

Plustek is also revealing its ONVIF compatible video encoder that converts analog CCTV to high-quality, IP-based videos for network accessibility. Encoding at the Edge supports up to four onsite CCTV converting at the same time. Simultaneous dual streams of H.264 and Motion JPEG provides flexibility for video management software (VMS) control.

Along with live demonstrations of the SlimD880 at the show, PlustekSecurity will display the full product line up of Edge Recorders for IP and CCTV surveillance solutions, including Plustek NVR Slim240Pro, Plustek NVR Slim380, Plustek nDVR540, and Plustek nDVR580.

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