Precise Biometrics Adds Tactivo for iPhone 5 to Growing Mobile Security Product Line

Precise Biometrics Adds Tactivo for iPhone 5 to Growing Mobile Security Product Line

Precise Biometrics, an authentication solutions provider and innovative developer of Tactivo, a smart card and fingerprint reader, announced that the newly-released Precise Biometrics Adds Tactivo for iPhone 5 to Growing Mobile Security Product LineTactivo for iPhone 5 has received GSA Approval and will be added to the Approved Product List (APL) for use by U.S. government agencies and employees. Tactivo for iPhone, iPad, and Android are the first smart card readers that currently hold these designations.

Patrik Lindeberg, CTO at Precise Biometrics, stated, “This latest GSA approval of Tactivo for iPhone 5 is pivotal to our ongoing delivery of mobile authentication solutions for federal agencies. Due to the ever changing mobile technology market, we are continuously rolling out new products to supply consumers with more options for accessing secure government applications with PIV and CAC credentials from mobile devices.”

Tactivo for iPhone 5 joins the growing Tactivo product suite providing mobile security solutions to enable the migration to mobile devices while preserving the necessary security and authentication policies required by Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12). These policies require federal employees and contractors to use smart cards for physical and logical access to systems, as well as OMB Memorandum M-11-11, which expedited implementation of PIV cards for access to facilities, networks and information systems.  With the increased interest in multi-factor authentication solutions, Precise Biometrics has announced a new pricing model for the full Tactivo suite. The most current prices range from $139 to $199.

“With the recent Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) announcement awarding the contract to develop its MDM system, we can now expect other agencies to follow suit with their own MDM awards that will continue to establish which software –iOS or Android –controls devices out in the field, which applications are implemented and how many levels of authentication – PIN, PIV/CAC and/or biometrics – will be required to gain access,” Jeff Scott, vice president of sales for North America commented. “Precise Biometrics is committed to staying ahead of current trends and expanding the Tactivo product line to meet the needs and demands of our customers and the federal market at large.”

(The GSA Approved Product List (APL) website will not reflect any new approvals until August 15, 2013 due to website changes. The approval authorization can be sent upon request.)

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