IPVideo Corporation Introduces Global Fusion Center and License Free Cameras

IPVideo Corporation Introduces Global Fusion Center and License Free Cameras

IP Video Corporation, an Advance Convergence Group company and a pioneer in the development and implementation of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) solutions, Fusion Center Solutions and Video Management Systems (VMS), will demonstrate to the national market its new state-of-the art Global Fusion Center and other security technology.

IPVideo Corporation Introduces Global Fusion Center and License Free CamerasTelepresence remote robot guided tours will be given of this high-tech security center which uses proprietary technology and software to offer fully integrated video and security solutions for schools and school districts, government facilities, health care facilities, energy providers and corporations. The Global Fusion Center brings to a new level the service and security support the company can provide to clients around the globe. At the 2013 ASIS International Trade Show taking place at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois, IPVideo Corporation (Booth 3711) will also demonstrate new products including license-free HD video security cameras and its Mobile Command Center. A Global Fusion Center capabilities presentation and robot guided tour will be given at the ASIS press room (Room S101B) at 1:00 pm on Tuesday, September 24, 2013.

The Global Fusion Center offers manned, 24/7, real time surveillance and security verification. Technology for the center, developed over the past 15 years, allows for the rapid integration of disparate security data into one easy-to-monitor interface. This first-of-its-kind center brings a much needed comprehensive, secure and affordable cloud-based security solution to organizations. Professionals can easily monitor large networks of cameras, access controls and sensors. When incidents occur, all disparate information is brought together into one common operating picture using IPVideo Corporation’s industry leading C3 Fusion Software. All relevant data is clearly presented, allowing security personnel to have the ability to immediately react to critical incidents with the appropriate level of response. The Global Fusion Center, which opened June 14, 2013, is manned exclusively by trained current and former members of law enforcement and the military.

Understanding the need to reduce costs and expenditure, but keeping in mind safety and security, at ASIS, IPVideo Corporation will introduce for the first time a line of license-free, HD, video security cameras for the public and private sector markets. Licensing fees, which are charged per camera at time of purchase, can significantly increase the cost of large scale multi camera installation projects. Camera pricing will be straight forward, preventing any unexpected fees or charges. This will allow for better project budgeting and long term project planning.

IPVideo’s Mobile Command Center (MCC) provides a mobile security solution that incorporates many industry leading technology innovations the company has developed and integrated for government facilities. At ASIS, this advanced, high-tech, mobile, security platform will be demonstrated. The vehicle can be deployed quickly and efficiently for major events including parades, marathons and sporting events where it can monitor and provide event security. It can also be deployed to support management of critical incidents and coordinate operations as a small footprint mobile substation. The vehicle can also provide a hands-on training experience utilizing a platform that can completely integrate video and other data from a wide array of sources. Filled with multiple high definition displays, this command center can be manned by up to nine individuals. This one of a kind system provides a complete and immediate situational analysis and communications solution.

“Over the past year we have seen dramatic and tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut and Boston, Massachusetts that have put security back in laser focus of school administrators and government leaders. At the same time governmental agencies, corporations, health care facilities, educational institutions and energy providers continue to face budgetary and technology challenges. At IPVideo Corporation, we have examined these challenges and have created cost effective and scalable technology solutions. Our Global Fusion Center, powered by our C3 Fusion Software, offers a cloud-based solution for real time security monitoring and response. Our Mobile Command Center Vehicle is our solution for a rapidly deployable platform which can be used in a number of outdoor scenarios to protect the public and respond to critical incidents,” said David Antar, president, IPVideo Corporation.

The company will also offer demonstrations of its latest version of its C3 Fusion product suite which enables clients to identify, prioritize and resolve security events, thereby improving safety, increasing security and managing compliance with internal and external regulations.

IPVideo Corporation’s Access Commander system will also be demonstrated during the ASIS show. Attendees will be shown how entry point security, once a complex task, can be simplified and made more effective.

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