Change in Fire Alarm Communication - What You Need To Know

Change in Fire Alarm Communication - What You Need To Know

Change in Fire Alarm Communication - What You Need To Know

Change in fire alarm communication is inevitable and it's coming fast! Be sure to join Alarms Unlimited, ASG SecurityHoneywell Fire Systems and Security Today on March 27th at 1pm PT/4pm ET via Google Hangout as we teach what you NEED to know!

Plus, this is an interactive session with a Q&A session, so please come with any relevant questions that you have, and we'd be glad to answer them.

Dealers: The telecommunications industry is changing its infrastructure, and they've recently outlined dates for transition. Plus, there’s a myriad of options out there, but every solution seems to have flaws.

  • What does code allow? 
  • Where are the biggest pitfalls when considering a different fire alarm reporting system?
  • What options do dealers have to offer their customers when it comes to transmitting fire alarm system signals to central monitoring stations?
  • What’s a smart migration plan, and how do you start that conversation with your customers?

Facility Managers:

  • If a facility’s fire alarm has been working just fine for five years, why should its management consider any fire alarm communication alternatives other than what they’re using now?
  • Will the communication path I’m using now soon be obsolete?

Central Stations: Changes in fire alarm communications significantly affect central stations, too.

  • What should central station owners know about the current state of the market, and what’s to come?

Panelists Include:

  • Hal Lewis, President, Alarms Unlimited;
  • Justin MacDaniel, Consultant, ASG Security; and
  • Sam Aviles, Associate Director, California State Alarm Association; Western Regional Sales Manager, Honeywell Fire Systems.

Two lucky attendees will win one of two IPGSM-4G fire alarm communicators from Honeywell Power! (Be sure to click here and say "yes" you will attend the Hangout so we know you're coming for your chance to win!)

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