How to Get the Most out of ISC West 2014

In mere days, I will be beating my feet around the showroom floor at ISC West 2014, engaging with companies regarding the latest and greatest when it comes to the security industry, and of course, tweeting! (Be sure to follow me on Twitter @GingerHill13.) Having attended last year, which by the way was my very first trade show, I learned exactly how to get the most out of my ISC West experience. Here are a few tips to make this ISC West the best one yet!

Wear comfortable shoes. By "comfortable" I mean it should feel like you are walking on a cloud! You will be walking around all day on carpet-covered concrete, so opt for shoes with a strong arch support, adequate padding and that fit your foot properly.

Carry a bag. Most exhibitors will have some pretty cool "freebies" and brochures, so I suggest carrying a backpack and keeping both of the shoulder straps on your shoulders when walking around. A one-strap bag may be stylish, but at the end of the day, you'll be in for a world of hurt!

Bring along some snacks. The tradeshow floor is huge, so it's important to stay well-nourished and hydrated throughout the day. I suggest bringing along protein-rich snacks such as peanut butter and crackers or pretzels. Also opt for carbs since you will be active all day, like granola bars. Also, be sure to pack one bottle of water. More than one bottle would get heavy to lug around, and there will be plenty of opportunities to refill it.

Create a tradeshow first-aid kit. I suggest packing Band-Aids, a tube of antibiotic ointment, tissue and lip balm. You never know when a blister will pop up on your foot, and there's nothing worse than having to walk around with one!

With a desert climate, it is extremely dry in Las Vegas, so if your lips aren't accustomed to that type of weather, they can become chapped. Lip balm is a must!

Plan your route. Plan a logical walking route to ensure that you see all the exhibitors you would like to see. Use the "My Show Planner" tool to keep track of the exhibitors, and organize your sessions and appointments.

Use ISC Mobile. We always have our smartphones or tablets with us, so why not download ISC Mobile, a free app for iPhone, iPad and Droid devices? This app allows you to browse the full exhibitor list, get new product information, search with keywords, and more while on-the-go.

About the Author

Ginger Hill is Group Social Media Manager.

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