Innovative Ocularis 4.0 Changes the Landscape in Surveillance and Security

With its official release today, Innovative Ocularis 4.0 Changes the Landscape in Surveillance and SecurityOcularis 4.0 from OnSSI delivers innovative capabilities that change the rules for system design, implementation, operation and scalability. Ocularis 4.0 provides new benchmarks in VMS performance and efficiency with a truly open platform that enables higher levels of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) integration with industry leading video and access solutions.

Powerful new capabilities provided by Ocularis 4.0 include:

  • New Access Control framework supports integration with AXIS Entry Manager;
  • New Edge NVR framework supports AXIS Camera Companion enabled cameras;
  • Ocularis Mix & Match allows for combining different camera license types under the same system for flexibility in design and cost efficiency;
  • All new “Powered by OnSSI” NVR Appliances can be integrated into any existing or new Ocularis 4.0 system;
  • New patent-pending Critical Camera Failover technology ensures vital regions remain under surveillance; and
  • Easy-to-use, color-coded Audit Logging enables administrators to review the history of operator actions.

“Ocularis 4.0 is a flexible and integrated video surveillance and security system platform that enables access control integration along with extremely versatile and cost-efficient recording solutions,” said Ken LaMarca, vice president of sales and marketing, OnSSI. “By providing comprehensive system solutions with better integration, scalability and cost-efficiency, Ocularis 4.0 takes video surveillance and security well beyond conventional VMS technology and one step closer to prevention.”

Ocularis 4.0 provides seamless integration with AXIS Entry Manager from Axis Communications. The integration allows critical video and access control data to be displayed and managed side-by-side within the Ocularis platform, allowing security personnel to manage access control events in real-time. The integration provides an added level of security by visually matching access cardholders with live images to ascertain identities. It also offers advanced search engine functionality and access control event reporting.

“Our collaboration with OnSSI provides integration of video surveillance and access control and management functionality when deployed with AXIS Entry Manager,” said Fredrik Nilsson, general manager, North America, Axis Communications. “By combining the core competencies of OnSSI’s centralized control and management software intelligence with Axis’ video surveillance and access control intelligence at the edge, we are bringing new and exciting capabilities to the market that are changing perceptions of system design and operation.”

New edge NVR framework integration in Ocularis 4.0 allows AXIS Camera Companion enabled cameras to be used also as individual NVRs, eliminating the need for conventional recorders. This allows complex surveillance systems to be implemented with extreme cost-efficiency for specialized applications, or as redundant storage while still utilizing a NAS or cloud storage. AXIS Camera Companion enabled cameras can also be integrated within a Mix and Match configuration for a flexible, cost-effective approach with the system architecture.

Ocularis 4.0 Critical Camera Failover provides a way to never lose sight of critical areas, should a camera fail. By switching automatically to another camera with the same field of view within a few seconds, situational awareness is not lost. Additionally, if a recorder fails, the Ocularis Client can automatically switch to cameras from another recorder to maintain the same camera view.

The new Audit Logging feature is an easy-to-use, color-coded and highly useful management tool in Ocularis 4.0 that allows system administrators to review all system activities performed by operators. Detailed reports can be easily accessed, viewed and generated to document all system activities for forensic use and employee performance and efficiency evaluations.

In addition to these new features, Ocularis 4.0 offers comprehensive video surveillance and access control event management for streaming, recording and managing an unlimited number of cameras at multiple sites combined with PSIM functionality. Ocularis 4.0’s straightforward workflow provides a collaborative environment in which video and alerts from across the organization are organized into meaningful events for efficient shared handling and documentation. Available in five feature sets, each of which employs 64-bit architecture for optimized performance, Ocularis 4.0 meets the video surveillance and security needs of organizations of all sizes and structures.

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