World Cup 2014 Phishing Scam

World Cup 2014 Phishing Scam

World Cup 2014 Phishing ScamHey World Cup supporters! Are you a Lewis Alberto Suarez Diaz fan? You know, the Uruguayan forward who bit an Italian defender during a recent soccer match? I have to say that I kind of like him, but that’s just because we share the same birthday: January 24th!

I do think it’s terrible, though, that hackers and criminals have chosen to create a phishing page that looks like the FIFA’s website and in fact, links back to FIFA and asks visitors to complete a petition in defense of Diaz. World Cup 2014 Phishing Scam(As you probably already know, Diaz is now disqualified from soccer matches as well as any soccer-related activities.)

This phishing website was created on June 27, 2014 and registered in the name of a person residing in London. The data collection form was created using Google Docs.

Diaz supporters must fill in their name, country of residence, cell phone number and email address, and then the site encourages the victims to share the link with Facebook friends. Needless to say, this scam has spread very quickly via social media.

The thought is that the personal information collected could allow scammers to find a way around two-factor authentication on online banking systems by using Trojans.

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