Another Malaysian Airlines Plane is Down

Another Malaysian Airlines Plane is Down

After being off the radar of the media for several weeks, but not out of the hearts of the missing people’s family and friends who are still seeking and deserve answers, several media outlets are reporting that the Malaysian Airlines passenger plane that “disappeared” in March of 2014 could have been shot down by a surface-to-air missile.

Here’s the unfolding story.

On July 14th, a Ukrainian An-26 transport jet with eight crew members on board was shot down from an altitude of 21,000 feet. It was realized that only a system of very sophisticated weapons (BUK, a self-propelled, surface-to-air, Russian-made missile system with modern versions reaching up to 80,000 feet) would have been able to reach this height. Although it’s still not 100% clear what happened on this Malaysian flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, U.S. officials suspect Russian weapons are to blame for the July 14th incident.

(Video from YouTube: possible footage of the July 14th crash.)

Back in March of this year, Malaysian Airlines used Twitter to alert the world that they had lost contact with flight 370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Coincidence?

More details are pouring in from several media sources about the July 14th crash:

  • Ukraine's Interior Minister wrote on his Facebook page that the An-26 transport jet was flying at an altitude of 33,000 feet when it was hit.
  • According to Reuters, one of their correspondents was near the scene and reported seeing burning wreckage and bodies strewn across the ground.
  • A Ukrainian emergency official told a news agency that body parts were scattered up to nine miles around the crash site and at least 100 bodies were actually seen.
  • The Telegraph correspondent in Moscow, Roland Oliphant, reported that Igor Strelkov, man leading pro-Russian rebels warned aircraft “to stay out of our skies” on his Facebook page.
  • Some say Russians AND Ukrainians have several surface-to-air systems, others say the Ukraine doesn’t have long-range air defense missile systems in this area of the country.
  • Ukraine is supposed to present evidence of Russian military involvement.
  • Increasing confusion as to whether the airspace that the plane was flying within is restricted.
  • According to Reuters, 23 U.S. citizens are reported to have died in this crash.

As this story plays out, the fact of the matter is that now over 500 people are dead due to Malaysian Airlines plane “crashes” and we still don’t have clear answers.

This just in:

(Video from YouTube: amateur footage claiming to show the crash itself.)

Stay tuned to trusted media sources as more information, details, pictures and videos are rapidly being reported.

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