Speco Technologies Brings Award Winning Intensifier Technology to IP

Speco Technologies, a manufacturer of video surveillance solutions that deter crime, announced immediate availability of Intensifier IP cameras. These new IP cameras are the latest and most distinctive additions to the Speco IP portfolio. Each of these new cameras were engineered and designed specifically for a wide range of applications and offer a cost effective solution with color images in low light resolution challenges.

Speco Technologies Brings Award Winning Intensifier Technology to IPIntensifier technology is now available in IP and provides crisp, detailed images in HD resolution. These cameras amplify existing light with no distance limitations. All objects display in perfect clarity with minimum light. With Intensifier IP technology, customers do not have to worry about losing the visibility of images in variable lighting conditions.

The Intensifier IP Series cameras allow users to see color video in low light without IR LEDs since they work with a minimum illumination of 0.0005 lux (Intensify @ 128x) and HD color resolution. With built-in, standard PoE, WDR operation, 2 way audio communication, alarm in/out and micro SD card slots, these cameras are perfect indoors or outdoors. These cameras work seamlessly with Speco’s plug and play with NS/NSP NVRs, which can autofind the cameras in less than 60 seconds.

For quick and easy installation, these cameras feature presets for indoor, outdoor, elevator, lobby, hallway and low light setting installations. What’s more, these cameras install effortlessly on walls and ceilings making it the perfect surveillance solution for multiple applications.

These new Intensifier IP cameras are currently available in both a dome or ‘pancake’ housing - another American-engineered and exclusive design to Speco.Speco Technologies Brings Award Winning Intensifier Technology to IP

“Speco continues to make major investments to its IP portfolio, with adding our exclusive Intensifier technology that allows images to be in color at night in HD is simply unique,” said Todd Keller, president of Speco Technologies. “Speco continues to drive innovation in security products aimed at deterring crime and we are thrilled to introduce these American engineered IP cameras to our lineup.

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