AMAG Technology Releases SymmetryWEB

End users can now manage security alarms with AMAG Technology’s new SymmetryWEB client software. SymmetryWEB allows an unlimited number of users to use the Symmetry access control software and manage specific functions from a web interface. The new alarm management feature offers a dynamic view of all new and updated alarms. Security personnel can receive and view real-time alarms, receive live updates, see instructions, enter comments, view card information and clear alarms via SymmetryWEB. They can add new cards or view existing records direct from the alarm screen. Users can access the Symmetry access control software from anywhere with a web connection to the Symmetry server using a standard web browser from a desktop workstation or mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet.

“The new and improved SymmetryWEB client interface is designed to support card holder management, visitor applications and alarm monitoring within the Symmetry access control software, without the need for a dedicated web server,” said AMAG Technology Vice President of Product Management, Jerry Cordasco.  “Security personnel can manage these functions from anywhere within a building or even at another location, providing flexibility for any security management team.”

SymmetryWEB uses a cost-effective concurrent licensing scheme which allows an unlimited number of users to operate the software.  SymmetryWEB removes the need to install or maintain a local thick client, while still providing access to data.  Users can also select which modules to purchase and deploy depending on security needs.

The navigation is simple and easy to follow enabling users to set up new card holders, assign access rights to card readers and doors, as well as quickly and efficiently register visitors. Users can view a complete profile of card holder information, including all card holder options, access assignments and personal information.

Key features include:

  • Instant access to Symmetry access control system from any web enabled device
  • Available for Symmetry Professional and Enterprise
  • Real time alarm updates
  • View, add comments to and clear alarms
  • Visitor pre-enrolment
  • Visitor registration and management
  • Card holder enrollment and management
  • Secure log in and granular user based permissions
  • Broad device compatibility
  • Comprehensive on-line help
  • Badge capture and display capability available with the use of Microsoft® Silverlight.
  • Operational on most web browsers
  • No requirement to install software on local PC or for separate dedicated web server to operate.
  • Users can select which modules to install: card holder management-visitor management and/or alarm management.

SymmetryWEB can be used with Symmetry Professional and Enterprise version 7.0.1 and later, as well as with the Symmetry SR Controller family of products.

SymmetryWEB operates on Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Safari for Windows Mozilla FireFox, Opera, and Android devices.

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