Quantum Secure Drives the Next Evolution of Enterprise Security

Quantum Secure, a provider of enterprise software to fully integrate physical identity and access management (PIAM) across multiple systems, is demonstrating the company's latest advancements for enterprise and SMB users here at ASIS 2014.

"As SAFE continues to further evolve with higher levels of intelligence and integration, Quantum Secure is breaking new ground in physical identity and access management space that goes well beyond traditional models," said Ajay Jain, President and CEO, Quantum Secure. "As the role of the enterprise expands to encompass the physical security, identity and access management along with cyber access environments, SAFE's powerful processing capabilities provide the unique ability to transcend real- time security by defining Indicators of Compromise (IOC) to flag potential threats. We call this Predictive Intelligence (PI) – the new benchmark for enterprise level security."

Quantum Secure continues to refine SAFE's capabilities to automatically capture and correlate extensive volumes of data from present and historic events for detailed analysis of IOCs based on user-defined policies. This enables SAFE to detect early indications of abnormal behavior across all physical identity systems to help identify and contain potential security incidents before they result in losses.

Featured solutions being demonstrated in Quantum Secure's ASIS 2014 exhibit include:

  • SAFE for Secure Cloud solves complex PIAM challenges for SMBs without the added costs associated with specialized personnel, system administrators, and dedicated high cost computing environments. It extends the PIAM as a SaaS model enabling complex collaboration amongst various identity types (e.g., employees, visitors, contractors and third-party vendors, suppliers, etc.) to manage native and federated physical accesses based upon distributed policies and rules. SAFE for Secure Cloud is full featured and fully secured just like the SAFE on-premise software offering, including automated logging of user access activities for audit and compliance.
  • SAFE for Finance is a Financial Services & Banking vertical domain rendering of SAFE Software Suite specifically tailored for this market with industry workflows, policies and rules built in out of the box, including the support for regulatory governance, audit and compliance such as SOX, BASEL II and GLBA; and allow area owners to electronically manage all processes. Quantum has several customers in this vertical market and is primed to go deeper into this domain next year.
  • SAFE for Mobile Solutions offers customer-centric apps on iOS and Android based devices for new employee and contractor on-boarding, visitor registration, access changes and approvals or access audits, lost or stolen badge reporting, access requests and more. Apps focusing specifically on the security department include functionality for visitor management, mobile badging, NDA signatures, alarm and identity metrics, searching and verifying personnel, and more.
  • Additional infrastructural systems improvements now available with SAFE Version 4.8 include: multi-language support to aid customers' global operations; priority message processing based upon a defined set of conditions (for example, urgent terminations) on a priority basis; parallel and concurrent processing of transactions to PACS for faster and more effective data handling; and a Self- Health Monitoring agent for critical SAFE related interfaces and operations, for immediate notification of any delays or service failures.

Entering Q4, Quantum Secure is on pace to have another record year with several new Fortune 500 customers, federal government agencies, large and mid-scale airports, financial services and banking customers, healthcare facilities, and myriad high technology organizations.

"Quantum Secure continues to have a great 2014 fiscal year marked by extraordinary company growth and improved safety and security of our customers and their employees," said Jain. "Our channel partnerships continue to drive expansion into global markets, including here in the United States, Sweden, Brazil and Latin America, the Middle East, India and Africa."

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