Security Goals for China

Security Goals for China

After China’s Communist Party leadership met, they concluded that China is entering perilous times; therefore, at the forefront of President Xi Jinping’s agenda are national security priorities. This decision was ratified by the Politburo, a council of 25 senior officials.

The Politburo decision cites that “international developments are turbulent and volatile” as China goes through “profound economic and social changes.” Chinese leadership also recognized frequent, overlapping social conflicts as well as security challenges.

Xi’s “The China Dream” strategy outlines efforts to build up a national security apparatus, and he has an intense campaign to extinguish political dissent. Xi also believes that control of the Internet is the key to domestic order.

In lieu of recent military and security force corruption in China, Xi said, “There must be unwavering adnerence to the Chinese Communist Party’s absolute leadership of national security work. Strive to create high-quality, professional, national security forces.”

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