Axis Steps Up to the Plate at ISC West 2015

Axis Steps Up to the Plate at ISC West 2015

During the annual Axis Communications press breakfast at ISC West, the IP camera manufacturer stepped up to the plate announcing a trio of new products and a unique new compression technology.

With a baseball theme, Axis took time to introduce three new products.

The big product announcement was the AXIS Q3709-PVE Network Camera. The first multi-sensor Axis product, the camera sports a whopping three 4K image sensors. It offers up to 30fps and is factory focused.

Jumping into the "Internet of Things" trend, Axis also announced two network-connected products – the AXIS C3003-E Network Horn Speakers and AXIS A8004-VE Network Video Station.

The speaker is a self-contained device and can play either live or prerecorded audio. It connects with just one cable, and unlike speakers that aren't connected to a network, users can automatically test to see if the unit is working.

Offering two-way communication, the video station can be installed in either indoor or outdoor environments. It also integrates with VMS systems and the SIP IP telephone protocol. It's easy to install with PoE support. And it shouldn't come as a big surprise, but the camera even offers WDR and low-light performance.

Axis also announced its new Zipstream technology. It will allow users to benefit from reduced bandwidth and storage requirements without the need to invest in new cameras or software. Zipstream is also full compatible with the H.264 compression standard. 

Fredrik Nilsson, general manager of North America for Axis, said Zipstream can lower both bandwidth and storage by an average of 50 percent of more. That's a great improvement in those important IP surveillance issues.

Finally, Axis co-founder Martin Gren also discussed the company's recent surprising acquisition by Canon.

"The first time I met, I never thought we'd accept the offer. What we bring to the table is the long-term view," he said. "The industry is changing; we're in an era of consolidation. Canon can provide a lot of benefits to access. They are so much bigger and are solely focused on cameras. They focus on high-quality components like lenses and image sensors, and they have a huge patent portfolio.

"Canon understands the value in Axis. Canon understands this and they will let us act as an independent company as we do today."

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Brent Dirks is senior e-news/Web editor for Security Products and Network-Centric Security magazines.

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