Paxton Inc. Announces Net2 Integration with Digital Watchdog's Spectrum IP VMS

Paxton Inc. has announced an integration of its networked access control system, Net2, with Digital Watchdog’s DW Spectrum IP video management system.

Using the Net2 platform and the new DW Spectrum/Net2 plug-in, the integration allows the DW Spectrum video management system to display video footage within the Net2 events window. This provides enhanced access control and video management on a single platform.

Net2 offers centralized administration and control of sites ranging from one to hundreds of doors, and thousands of users. The plug-in will add cameras, managed by DW Spectrum to the camera integration within Net2, allowing cameras to be associated with doors. This in turn will display video footage associated with events generated at these doors. DW Spectrum’s unique user interface is maintained allowing seamless transitions from live to recorded video.

DW Spectrum’s industry leading feature set includes:

  • Designed to be instantly usable with a revolutionary flexible drag & drop user interface;
  • Powerful search capabilities providing immediate video retrieval;
  • Optimized for high definition video with intelligent video stream management; and
  • Painless to maintain, with one-click system-wide lifetime upgrades included.

Ian Johnston, chief technical officer of Digital Watchdog, said, “Digital Watchdog strives to make physical security comprehensive and easy to use. DW Spectrum’s open platform allows us to offer integrated video seamlessly through Paxton’s Net2 access control system to create a complete physical security management system.”

The DW Spectrum/Net2 plug-in will be available for download from


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