Pet Parents Enjoy Reliable, Live Doggie Cam

For many pet parents busy with work, vacations or school, ensuring that their dog is taken care of ranks near the top of the to-do list. Paws Pet Resort in Lake Forest, California, is a high-end "dog hotel" offering deluxe accommodations, such as large playrooms, indoor swimming pools, and 24-hour care, for everyone's best friend when things get too busy.

Paws Pet Resort is all about quality. That is why when a problem with its existing camera system began preventing its customers from enjoying its popular video service, the live Doggie Cam, without downloading a complex app, it moved quick to resolve the issue.  Looking to improve the experience of their guests' owners, Paws Pet Resort turned to LILIN to replace their aging analog system with one that would guarantee clear, reliable footage of their four-legged friends.

LILIN recommended Paws Pet Resort install its 9-channel NVR Touch network video recorder, along with four iMEGAPRO 2MP IP dome cameras featuring HD 1080p resolution, SenseUp Plus technology and 3D noise reduction to improve video clarity in challenging lighting environments. All iMEGAPRO cameras come embedded with the Java-written LILIN Applet, which automatically downloads itself to the user's PC. Therefore, no webmaster needs to host the LILIN Applet in order to use it.

With support for up to 9 camera channels, the LILIN NVR Touch recorder was ideal for managing the Paws Pet Resort's installation both locally and on the move. With multi-screen touch support, it can be connected to and navigated from a touchscreen with smartphone features such as 'pinch and zoom' -- making the system easy to use and accessible for anyone. Mobile devices are also supported, so Doggie Cam video can be viewed live using iPad, iPhone, or Android devices.

With four of the camera feeds live on the website from 9AM to 4PM, Paws Pet Resort offers its customers constant vibrant footage, allowing all "parents" to check up on their pets while away.

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