Orion Entrance Control & LifeSafety Power Partner for Integrated Solution

LifeSafety Power, Inc. and Orion Entrance Control, Inc. (ECI) have partnered to bring integrated power solutions to the company’s leading line of innovative and customized entrance control lanes.

Orion ECI, manufacturer of high-end optical barriers, speed gates and mechanical turnstiles, is making LifeSafety Power’s intelligent networked power solutions an integral part of its entrance control designs. LifeSafety Power and Orion ECI products are made in the USA, follow green building efficiency design principles, and together provide an optimum level of reliability in entrance control products.

LifeSafety Power’s iSCAN is now part of Orion ECI’s entire product line and may provide the ability to remotely monitor, diagnose and service power solution’s health to keep physical security up and running 24/7. iSCAN’s intelligent network capability can assess power across the enterprise, evaluating and apprising users of overall solution health.

Steve Caroselli, president of Orion Entrance Control, said that offering the latest technology and the highest level of dependability is critical to the company’s philosophy of providing quality solutions and ultimate uptime.

“Intelligent power adds another level of reliability,” said Caroselli. “We’re excited to add LifeSafety Power as an integration partner as we know their contributions add immeasurable value to our customized entrance control solutions.”

In addition, smart power solutions allow service providers the ability to remotely test and service many potential issues without a site visit and truck roll.

“The customer wants to be assured that their system is operational, especially in the event of a security breach or life safety event,” said Larry Ye, president and chief executive officer of LifeSafety Power Inc. “Bringing additional intelligence to high-technology entrance controls is a natural evolution.”


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