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High School Testing State-of-the-Art Security Measures

A new video form the Today Show shows how one school is looking to keep its kids safe from intruders with new and innovative techniques. Southwestern High School in Shelbyville, Ind., has installed lights, sirens and doors are bullet proof.

The biggest addition, however, is real-time tracking technology implemented by local police. This allows law enforcement to act quickly with relevant information while also getting feedback from teachers and other employees.

Teachers each have their own panic button, which will set off the alarm system when pushed. A box in each classroom can communicate with officers by issuing commands such as “help” and “safe.”

Perhaps most surprisingly, the school has created hot zones; areas where smoke cannons are placed into the ceiling. Police can deploy them in an instant, thus blinding the intruder.

In total, the system costs $400,000.

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