5 Products that Define the Next Generation of Home Security

5 Products that Define the Next Generation of Home Security

Over the years, many things have changed, but the basic concern of protection of your family, home and assets has not. In today’s digital age we are presented with many high-tech surveillance tools that can simplify your precautionary efforts, resulting in more efficient safety measures. The below technologies are changing the game when it comes to keeping you safe and giving you peace of mind.  

Fog Security
This residential and commercial security appliance sends out a dense stream of fog when an intruder is detected. While the fog is safe to breathe in, it will instantaneously impair the vision of an unwelcome visitor, making it hard for the burglar to see into your home or office. This security measure stops any number of intruders and is easy to relocate and leaves no residue in your home or office.

Retinal Scan Lock
If you feel you need to up the security around your house, or even certain areas of your home you can invest in a retinal scan lock. This deadbolt device identifies the eye composition of those who are allowed access into the area and bar those who do not match the list of authorized personnel. You can also buy a smaller version of the retinal scanner to use with your computer or other sensitive devices.

Wireless Camera and Remote Viewing
One of the best things about having a home video surveillance system is being able to watch back what happened within or outside of your house while you were gone. With today’s technology, many wireless monitoring systems allows you to watch real-time footage of your home’s perimeter from a connected smart phone, tablet or computer. When suspicious activity triggers an alarm, you are immediately notified and can isolate the footage to show law enforcement.  

Smart Timed Lighting
The advanced technology in LED bulbs is able to keep your home safe from intruders. These new bulbs are able to learn at which times you are turning them on and off. After an adjustment period, the lights begin to illuminate on their own. Because burglars are drawn to dark empty houses, the bulbs continue with your daily pattern making it look like you are home even when you are gone for an extended amount of time. You can even program them to light up in a certain order if someone rings the doorbell so it will appear that you are moving from your bedroom to the door.

Keyless Connected Lock
Sometimes regular key locks are not enough, if you’d like to take your security one step further, you can install a pin-operated mechanism that secures your doors without the need of a key. To disarm the lock, press in the code (which is changed every 24 hours) or tap your smartphone against the sensor. The lock also has a tamper alarm and lock-out chip if an invalid code is entered more than five times.

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