France and Belgium Look for Tougher Security Measures

France and Belgium Look for Tougher Security Measures

The prime ministers of France and Belgium are looking to increase security following the Paris attacks

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said the French people want “strong, quick and effective reactions,” in a speech at the National Assembly, according to a report. Mr. Valls as well as the prime minster of Belgium are looking to increase security after the Paris attacks.

The meeting at National Assembly consisted of lawmakers debating a three-month extension of a state of emergency, and some say terrorists might resort to using chemical weapons. Mr. Valls asked for reinforced tracking of movements of people within the European Union and ask European countries to share more information of airline passengers.

Long-term, Valls plans to develop a structure for radicalized youths that would protect those who are willing to abandon extremist groups. President Francois Hollande announced that local forces would be supplied with additional weapons and bulletproof jackets if requested.

The Prime Minister of Belgium asked Parliament to double the state security budget in fighting terrorism, adding $427 million dollars. The government also said it would increase recruitment for security forces and invest in new technology, as well as communication systems, according to a report.

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