Security Vulnerability Found in LG G3 Smartphone

Security Vulnerability Found in LG G3 Smartphone

The LG G3, a smartphone launched in 2014, has been ousted as having a security vulnerability that could compromise the data of the user.

The vulnerability was discovered by security firms BugSec and Cynet who recently came across the break in security. It seems the vulnerability was created by LG themselves through on of the phone’s features: Smart Notice. 

The bug is dubbed SNAP and basically it could potential allow malicious hackers to run phishing scams, access private data and cause the device to crash. 

Allegedly, LG forgot to validate user-submitted data, which in turn allows these attacks to go through unfettered. While LG has not seen the vulnerability taken advantage of, the security firms wanted to stress that the vulnerability was not just theoretical.

Note that because this is a feature-specific problem, all other LG model phones are not affected.

The good news is that after being contacted by BugSec, LG released a patch for Smart Notice that will address the problem. 

So, if you are a LG G3 user, be sure to keep your eye out for a security update.

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