Extra Security for Trump Rally

Extra Security for Trump Rally

Donald Trump’s rallies are becoming increasingly known for its confrontations between protestors and supporters of the Presidential candidate. There have been incidents where a protestor has been sucker-punched by a supporter, where a photographer has been dragged to the ground by a security guard and a female reporter was allegedly “grabbed” and drug down to the ground by on of Trump’s advisors.

The list of incidents has led some to be uncomfortable with the GOP candidate appearing on college campuses. On March 11, Trump brings his high energy campaign to Chicago’s UIC Pavilion and Chicago police want to ensure that no unnecessary roughness comes into play.

A police presence will be visible on the urban campus and barricades and street closures are imminent. Police are also bracing for those who chose to protest the event, widely the Latino community that disagree with Trump’s policies on immigration.

The university and Chicago PD want to calm safety concerns ahead of the event. On March 10, they released a statement saying, “We have an everyday working relationship with the Secret Service and are coordinating very closely with them, Chicago Fire and the university on everything from logistics to traffic to safety and security."

Students of the University of Chicago still don’t feel comfortable with Trump holding his rally on campus. Many signing a petition that would keep him away from the grounds, but the university is obligated to give any presidential candidate free space if requested. It is the campus’ historical practices to have all candidates speak, no matter their party affiliation.

UIC published a campus announcement in hopes of squashing the students’ fears.

“UIC Police have started working with, and will continue to work with, local law enforcement, the Trump campaign, protest organizers, and the U.S. Secret Service to ensure that security plans are in place to address the safety of the UIC community,” the statement said.

The police plan on following their plan to be actively present during the rally. The perimeter of the Pavilion will be secure to keep the protestors and supports at a distance from each other, hopefully taming any conflict.


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