Bosch Highlights Integration and Intelligence at ISC West

At ISC West 2016, Bosch Security Systems, Inc. will showcase how customers can create powerful solutions to enhance overall security and make systems easier to use and manage. The company will demonstrate seamless integration of intrusion, access control and video surveillance capabilities, introduce new families of intelligent multi-megapixel cameras that deliver the most relevant, high-quality video images, show its next generation wireless motion detectors, and highlight products and services that enable dealers and integrators to create new recurring monthly revenue streams.

“We enable our channel partners to design complete, integrated solutions for the end user, whether that means an end-to-end Bosch system that delivers the full benefits of our products or one that integrates our devices with software from our partners,” said Brian Wiser, President of Sales, Bosch Security Systems, Inc. “As a result, end users benefit from systems that maximize facility control, better mitigate security risks and are easy to use and manage. And, our dealers and integrators have innovative products and services that help them stand out from the competition and create new revenue streams for business growth. This is an essential part of our customer-first culture.”

Integrated solutions

At its all-new booth, Bosch will demonstrate how its G Series Control Panels offer combination intrusion and fire detection, access control of 32 doors with up to 2,000 card holders, Bosch IP camera integration, and remote command and control with free apps. Integration with Z-Wave and Wi-Fi smart home devices is also made possible with the G150 Gateway, which will be previewed at the show.

Leveraging the full capabilities of G Series systems enables users to automate functions for simplified operation. For example, by presenting access control credentials, authorized personnel can automatically unlock doors and disarm the intrusion detection system at a facility. Integrating the G Series Control Panels with Bosch IP cameras provides added protection of sensitive areas, including ATM service rooms, pharmacies, research labs, and more. This allows security personnel to view images of intrusion detection system events, such as a video snapshot of the person who disarmed a system or of someone attempting to tamper with a motion detector or other security device. In addition, Bosch IP cameras with on-board video analytics that are programmed to alert based on events such as loitering, crossing a perimeter line, or others can activate points on the security control panel.

Monitoring security data is simplified through the DIVAR IP 3000 all-in-one video management system, which combines a network recorder, storage array, client workstation and integrated Bosch Video Management System software. With this solution, operators can view cameras, control doors, and see alarm panel status and events on a graphical map, as well as control streams and arm and disarm the panels via the Bosch Video Management System. Authorized personnel can also control systems remotely and view video via mobile devices and tablets, anytime from anywhere.

ISC West attendees can discover the benefits of this technology through a unique immersive experience in the Integrated Solutions Theater at the Bosch booth.

Highest quality of relevant video images

At the show, Bosch will also introduce the new DINION and FLEXIDOME IP starlight 6000 and IP starlight 7000 cameras that deliver incredible detail in extreme low light conditions. The latest sensor technology combined with sophisticated noise suppression enables starlight cameras to produce full color images in the dark beyond the point where other cameras have switched to monochrome. Where other cameras fail to show any image at all, starlight cameras are still capable of delivering detailed monochrome images.

The starlight portfolio will be further enhanced with video analytics as standard, instead of an optional feature. A full suite of Essential Analytics will be provided on DINION and FLEXIDOME IP starlight 6000 cameras, while DINION and FLEXIDOME IP starlight 7000 cameras will come equipped with the latest Intelligent Video Analytics.

Intelligence at the Edge

Video analytics at the edge enables Bosch cameras to interpret data and decide what and when to stream based on configurable triggers, minimizing bandwidth requirements if needed. The results are relevant alerts and information that enhance the accuracy of the video surveillance system. Essential Analytics can be used for advanced intrusion detection and enforcing health and safety regulations. It also possesses business analytics capabilities, such as people counting and crowd density information for retail environments.

The fully-featured Intelligent Video Analytics is designed for the most demanding environments. It has the added capacity to deliver the highest level of accuracy for mission critical applications, such as perimeter protection for airports and critical infrastructure sites, ship tracking, and traffic monitoring. Intelligent Video Analytics can do everything that Essential Analytics does. What makes it stand out is its ability to differentiate between genuine security events and known false triggers, such as challenging environments where snow, wind, rain, water reflections and distance could make images even more difficult to interpret, thus minimizing costly false positives and enabling users to focus on what is relevant to them.

Recurring monthly revenue

Bosch will also demonstrate ways for monitoring centers, dealers and integrators to increase recurring monthly revenue.

With the B465 Universal Dual Path Communicator, dealers and integrators can upgrade dialer-based fire or intrusion control panels from Bosch and other manufacturers to use IP or cellular communication formats. This allows end users to eliminate expenses associated with up to two dedicated telephone line connections per control panel. By replacing phone lines with cellular communication, dealers can create a new recurring revenue stream from data service plans, while still reducing monthly costs for the end user.

For its Cloud-based Services, Bosch will show an enhanced interface that improves efficiency for monitoring center operators to receive, review and react to video events from monitored sites. The new monitoring page summarizes the video content in a single image, highlights the alarm trigger and provides the best possible view of the triggering object. These enhancements reduce the costs of delivering video monitoring services to dealers and end customers, increasing profitability for the monitoring center.

Bosch will also introduce Remote Portal, a new service offering that makes it fast and easy for dealers to remotely connect to customers’ devices. Using Remote Portal, dealers can create new chargeable service offerings while increasing the efficiency of technicians. The portal enables technicians to monitor supported devices and perform maintenance and configuration tasks remotely, so they spend less time and money traveling to customer facilities.

Next generation wireless motion detectors

New wireless motion detectors using ZigBee connectivity deliver best-in-class detection performance and false alarm immunity. Available in a PIR or TriTech model, the RADION TriTech ZB is the only ZigBee compliant motion detector to use Doppler radar technology to further reduce false alarms. These intelligent motion detectors feature a compact, aesthetic design to blend in within their environments and include integrated smart-home capabilities for monitoring activity, controlling lighting and temperature within a room. Unique features cut installation time in half compared to other ZigBee compliant detectors, and exceptional battery life ensures dependable operation for up to six years. 

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