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Protecting Client Assets

Protecting Client Assets

Blending access control with video management brings terrific results

TelX helps companies build more agile businesses faster with reduced infrastructure complexity and broader reach to new markets. Founded in 2000, TelX built the largest carrier-neutral, physical layer interconnection data center in New York City. Through acquisitions and facility expansions, TelX built a national portfolio of interconnection and collocation data centers. Digital Realty Trust acquired TelX in 2015.

As the company grew over the 14 years, each data center facility operated independently, resulting in different landlord and lease arrangements. Disparate video systems were installed at the nine different locations. The one consistency was the installation of AMAG Technology’s Symmetry Enterprise access control system.

In 2013, TelX made the decision to move to a single platform for its physical security technology program, and John Matis, the director of security, was tasked with creating its multi-year strategy. He moved quickly into the discovery phase and began looking at video solutions to integrate with Symmetry.

“I had to research alternative solutions,” Matis said. “Pass the budget for those solutions and determine a project management concept to bring together all our disparate video systems (and some security systems) into a common best-market solution.”

The complex work environment due to government imposed regulatory standards and operational standards created one challenge. The goal was to get to a level of operational efficiency in alignment with what the company is driving. To achieve that, TelX developed uniform security and operational practices across the business.

“I think it is incumbent upon any of our technology partners to strive to develop uniform practices that our folks in the field, and our security and loss prevention teams can use to very simply adhere to the procedures and process in a security event,” Matis said. “They cannot get overwhelmed with technology and must be able to do their jobs.”

As a result, Matis selected Salient Systems’ CompleteView Video Management System and PowerUltra NVR servers to integrate with Symmetry Enterprise access control. The integrated security management system was easy to use and easy to deploy across all facilities in the United States.

The second challenge was finding an integrator that understood the critical demands of TelX’s complicated working environment and regulatory requirements, yet also held a keen working knowledge of Symmetry and CompleteView. Plus, add understanding how TelX’s new parent company, Digital Realty Trust operated and how sophisticated security requirements may become in the future. TelX selected AVS Technology as its integrator. AVS Technology has the knowledge

and skill to manage the head end system, and understands the complex requirements of a data center. AVS delivers superior system design, installation and service, and brings exceptional customer service to every installation and service call. AVS is also the integrator for Digital Realty Trust, TelX’s parent company.

Security Contributes to Value Proposition

Data integrity is of the upmost importance for TelX. Securing that data is so important, TelX promotes their security program as a selling point. In addition to offering cooling, interconnectivity and power, providing sophisticated security measures is an important element customers consider when choosing a data center. TelX matches the enterprise datacenter security model, and often goes above and beyond the requirements needed to maintain and keep practices up-to-date.

“There are extremely acute requirements from customers to have industry best security technology and procedures in place,” Matis said. “We are keeping positive control of the data center environment and making sure that the risk expectations from our partners are met.”

Security System Helps Meet Company Goals: Technology, Compliance, Standards

TelX’s security program encompasses technology, implementing policies and standards and meeting compliance requirements. The Symmetry Access Control system integrated with CompleteView and other leading technologies helps TelX meet its operational goals including compliance standards as well as exceed customer’s security expectations.

Technology helps TelX meet its requirements for internal business and regulatory standards and allows them to match security goals with overall business objectives, so they are proactively mapping activity and indicators for their business that drive profit and loss.

CompleteView video management allows Matis and his team to perform routine surveillance and ensure proper movement of assets through its data centers. Through surveillance, Matis is able to analyze operational efficiency and mandatory tasks related to data center compliance.

From a centralized standpoint, TelX depends on its video system to allow individuals who are in the field to log-in and see what is occurring at the different building locations. The capability to remote log-in allows off site staff to solve problems from anywhere.

“The ability to have visual information accessible to whatever level of the organization we need is imperative to our security program and a main reason video is an essential component to our overall solution,” Matis said.

TelX’s diverse portfolio means it must be in compliance with PCI DSS Section 9 and 12, to accept, store process and transmit credit cardholder data; SOC 2 and 3 complaint, the security and accessibility mandates within the data center industry; and HIPAA (healthcare) complaint due to its number of healthcare customers that host patient health records. Symmetry Access Control helps TelX meet those compliance requirements.

Concentric Circle

Using a powerful combination of products and technology, TelX implemented the widely used concentric circle approach to secure each of its facilities and customer assets. Starting with the outer most layer and working inward, security gets tighter. Exterior gates and barriers are accessible through a valid card swipe. All perimeter doors are secured through Symmetry.

Moving inward, more layers are added. A card swipe is needed on the outer layer using HID RP40 readers, but TelX uses either Iris ID or Morpho V-Flex or V-Station fingerprint biometric scanners, requiring authorized individuals to present their access card and a biometric to gain access to more restricted areas.

Vingtor-Stentofon’s IP Master Station audio system is installed in TelX’s suite-style office locations where entrance to the company is off a common lobby. Security guards use audio to communicate with each other, ensuring only authorized staff are entering the company.

Each location uses the concentric circle model throughout its facility, and around each client’s assets, doubling down on security. Via Complete- View VMS, the video is transmitted through the Symmetry Access Control system so the security team can monitor all activity.

“Guards monitor the Symmetry system locally from every site; they watch live activity and cameras to verify people do not enter restricted areas or tamper with other customer’s equipment,” said Michael Riotto, vice president of AVS Technology.

NEC ExpressCluster high availability software is used to monitor and protect Symmetry from hardware and software failures with fully automated recovery of Symmetry application and data, ensuring the Symmetry security system is up and running 100 percent of the time. For TelX, this is critical for business operations.

TelX invested in a security system not only to protect its buildings, employees and assets, but to deliver impeccable security to protect their high profile client’s data services. Providing top-notch security is part of TelX’s value proposition, therefore it must operate flawlessly around the clock.

“We use our security system as a reference point,” Matis said. “For how well we are doing as a business and how well we are doing as a security department at the same time.”


This article originally appeared in the April 2016 issue of Security Today.

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