Video Surveillance Helps Investigation in Midlothian Murder

Video Surveillance Helps Investigation in Midlothian Murder

Midlothian, Texas is just 30 miles south of the big city of Dallas.  With a population of just under 20,000, the city doesn’t normally see crime of a violent nature. But by the early morning hours of Monday, April 18, the city would be turned upside down by the bizarre murder of a fitness instructor and mother of three, the first murder the town had seen in 10 years.

Terri “Missy” Bevers was found dead inside Creekside Church of Christ just a little after 5 a.m. where she taught a boot camp fitness class. Students of her class were the first to find the body and notify the police.

After police made it onto the scene, they found that the church had implemented motion activated video surveillance cameras. Through the footage, police were able to find that the suspect had forced his or her way into the church before Bevers had arrived that morning to set up for her class.

The suspect can be seen in what appears to be police tactical gear. The person is seen in the surveillance footage wearing all black clothing, a helmet, a vest adorned with “POLICE” patches on the front and back and what could be shin guards. From the footage, it is hard to tell if the equipment is authentic or just designed to have the appearance of a SWAT police member.

Because of the heavy gear, it is hard for police to identify the suspect. Police believe that the suspect could be either a man or a woman, and have been paying special attention to the gait of the person in the footage. The rather unique stature, walk and footing of the suspect could lead to identification in the small Texas town.

Police have thrown out several theories as to what might have happened in the wee morning hours of April 18. The first scenario was that Bevers walked in on a burglary taking place; that she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Surveillance footage, however, shows the suspect wandering the halls with no bags to hold stolen items indicating a burglary.

Others have offered up that the attack wasn’t random at all, in fact, they believe Bevers was targeted. As a fitness instructor, it is part of Bevers’ job to announce where her classes will be. Just the night before, she had posted to her Facebook page that she would be at the church to lead a 5 a.m. class. Could the suspect have been there waiting for her?

Be sure to follow this story with Security Today. We will be adding more information as the case continues.

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