TSA to Help with Security Overseas

TSA to Help with Security Overseas

The House passed legislation in April that would allow the Transportation Security Administration to establish a security plan with airports around the world that have direct flights to the United States in order to enhance passenger and airline safety.

The legislation would allow TSA to donate security technology to Last Point of Departure airports, or foreign airports with nonstop flights to the United States. The new rule tasks TSA with trying to make these airports allow unannounced inspections, while also instructing the U.S. Aviation Advisory Committee to develop recommendations on improving passenger screening.

The measure, H.R. 4698, was brought up under a suspension of the rules, an expedited process that requires two-thirds majority for passage. The lawmakers agreed unanimously.

The move comes as officials become desperate to beef up airport following the attacks on Brussels airport in Belgium.

“Terrorists recognize that it is easier to attack an aircraft destined for the United States from overseas, rather than travel to the United States and then plot a domestic attack,” Rep. John Katko said in a statement to The Hill. “Now, with the horrific attacks in Belgium against two transportation modes, including aviation, it has been reiterated that we must not wait for such attacks to occur against us again. We must be as determined to mitigate the threat as extremists are in perpetrating their attacks against us.”

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Sydny Shepard is the Executive Editor of Campus Security & Life Safety.

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